Goal for the New Year 2020: Foraging day 1 and a Love Story.

Dear Diary and Friends,

I made one goal for this year. It has nothing to do with weight or exercise or even eating healthy. My one goal is to forage everyday for one year. Rain or shine, busy or not…I want to spend a year getting to know every single plant in the woods where I live. Since I’m doing this I decided to blog about my findings for the fun of it. I was looking for something new to put in my blog and this is perfect. Sharing my daily love letter to Christopher was fun but I needed to switch it up and also I had to sensor what I wrote in the letters to be appropriate for public viewing. I’ll still post a love letter once in a while to keep y’all up to date of the amazing love story I’m experiencing.
Yesterday’s foraging adventure I found some jack o lantern mushrooms.

They are often mistaken for the edible chanterelle mushrooms but these should not be eaten. The gills are the easiest way to tell the different. Jack o lantern mushrooms are toxic and will make you sick with severe vomiting and diarrhea for around 3 days. They won’t kill you but from what I read you will wish you were dead.

They contain ani cancer properties and a cancer treatment drug called Irofulven is being experimented with but is not out yet. I couldn’t find anything that told of medicinal uses at home other than to induce severe cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.

I really enjoyed foraging yesterday. Plus Christopher showed me how to start up the 4 wheeler. So now I can go farther to forage if I’m limited on time. Walking is best though in my opinion. It’s better for myself and the environment.
Oh..and here is yesterday’s letter to Christopher…just for the fun of it.
Dear Christopher,
January 1, 2020.
Happy New Years!
Plus Happy 4 months 😊❤️❤️.
Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for being there for Angel.
You are a good good man. I feel so blessed to share the rest of my life with you. I am grateful.
Thank you for everything you do around here for us and our comfort. When I came home last night it was warm so warm and nice in the cabin. I was so grateful you had started a fire before we left earlier. I knew you had a lot to think about and do to get ready to go but you still took the time to build a fire. You think of everything. It’s pretty amazing how good you are at being a husband and father. It is built into you naturally. I really enjoy you. I feel free to be my natural woman self with you because I know that you will take care of the man stuff and do it well. I’ve never had that before and I’m loving it. Thank you! Thank you!
I love you my big ol’ man.
your woman always,

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