A Letter to Christopher

Dear Christopher,
December 4, 2019

Happy 3 months!
We made it through 3 months. It’s been a crazy 3 months. We got to know each other really fast and I’m grateful for all we experienced together. It set up a good foundation of trust and cooperation between us. We know we can handle stress together and not take it out on each other. That is a great thing to know!
I am so incredibly happy with you. You light me up with your smile and great sense of humor. I love that we can be young and lighthearted together, even in times of stress.
Thank you for being so good with Angel.
Thank you for your rock solid support.
Thank you for rubbing my back.
Thank you for getting up in the night to keep the fire going.
Thank you for building a warm cozy home and sharing with us.
You have my heart.
I love you!

Yours always,


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