Following Your Bliss, Leads to a Blissful Life.

Dear Diary and Friends,

I’ve always thought differently than most people. I connect with the energy around me in a way that is unique. My inner guidance has been really strong my whole life but I’ve spent most of my years not following that guidance fully because of fears and wanting to fit in and be accepted. This past month a big shift has happened within myself. I clearly saw how I never ever ever ever have to believe anything anyone says about me. I choose to only believe what I know about me and I really like who I am. I’m great fun and adventurous. I love to smile and laugh. I’m encouraging and helpful. I am a person I would like to be friends with and I am. I am my own best friend.

My inner guidance is where my bliss is. Anytime I’ve argued with or doubted that guidance, then life became heavy and I would struggle. When I would follow that guidance immediately and fearlessly then life flowed with ease and felt weightless. Everything always work out for myself and everyone around me when I’m living a life fully directed by my inner guidance. Money flows to me in abundance, relationships with people are deep and meaningful, life becomes full of laughter and play.

This last month there’s been a huge shift in me. I guess it could be called an awakening of some sort. I clearly saw how not following my inner guidance was never going to work out. So I decided to start following that guidance without fear. My life immediately became amazing and full of miracles, as it should be.

On Wednesday September 18th. I met a man named Christopher downtown by the fountain. I knew as soon as I saw him that he was the one for me, without a doubt. I knew this only because my inner guidance told me. I paid attention to the energy between us. He felt like a breath of fresh air. Every single person I’ve ever considered dating or dated before there was always a tiny bit of doubt. I would question that doubt and translate it into something being wrong with me…such as…I was too picky or I needed to compromise or I couldn’t expect someone to fit me perfectly, I was very different after all. I can’t explain how I knew with certainty that this was the man for me other than I could feel the energy. It was the right energy, simple as that. I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way but it didn’t matter. He was the one and I knew it from my head to my toes. Friday September 20th, I saw him again at his house. As I drove onto his land and up to his house, everything was perfect and beautiful to me. It was paradise and I knew I was home. We talked for hours. He is witty and fun. We have the same sense of humor and would get each other laughing big belly laughs. We planned on meeting at his house again the next day and spending the day in the woods.

That night I went to my house and I knew it was the last night I would spend there. It is a beautiful house but I had found my home. The next morning I packed my overnight bags. I knew once again without a doubt that I was going home and would not be coming back here to live. (Yes, the fancy house I just bought in January is very nice but I could easily walk away from it and not look back. I’m keeping it for now. I have my room rented out on Airbnb and it’s costing me nothing. It also gives my 19 year old daughter Savana a home until she is ready to get her own place. I’m having the tiny house I just bought delivered out here to paradise). I had not discussed with Christopher the fact that I was moving in with him. I knew it would be so, my inner guidance told me.

I drove to Christopher’s that morning and moved in. I know it sounds crazy to move in with someone you met 3 days ago. I could be dangerous but I knew I was safe with this man. His energy told me. (Besides his mom is very well know in the county for being a master naturalist and people love her. One of the perks of living in a sparsely populated county is that people know each other, that could also not be a perk for some people, lol). Anyway, I knew this man was safe, once again, my inner guidance told me and I am fearlessly following that guidance.

Tomorrow will be one week since I’ve moved to paradise. I am blissfully living in the woods spending evenings with the man of my dreams, laughing together and staring at the stars. He gets me laughing so hard I’m rolling around in tears. I love to laugh.

I manifested this! I manifested it by simply following my bliss. This is what I’ve been searching for all of my 47 years on this planet. I have no doubts.

With love and gratitude,


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