My Light is Enough

Dear Diary and Friends,

Good morning. It’s a brand new 24 hours. Breathe you are alive!

When I fully released believing what other people say about me. I fell madly in love with myself. I am perfectly made. I only believe what I say about myself. I’m the only one that knows if I’m living my truth. I am kind and thoughtful and smart and beautiful. My purpose in life is to shine my light. Nothing more, nothing less. My light is enough to spread joy over the entire planet. I don’t need to go anywhere or do anything except shine my light. It is enough, it is weightless. We all are capable of this. We all have a light.

Once I allowed my light to shine fully, I attracted another light shining at the same frequency. Together we shine as bright as the sun. We raise the energy vibration of the world.

Let your light shine fully, live weightlessly and watch the miracles happen.

I am love and always will be. So are you.

With joy and love,


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