Christopher Robin and the 100 acre woods.

Dear Diary and Friends,

The trees breathe my breath. Watching the leaves dance in the breeze tickles me in all my places of joy. The clouds laugh playfully as they hide behind the trees only to peek out the other side, they laugh delightfully at their little game of hide and seek. The sun purrs like a cat and smiles at me. The sun and I are secret lovers. I look over and there he is…my real life lover here on the earth. I get to actually hold and touch him. We found each other. He’s so beautiful and he’s smiling at me like the sun, just as bright. Sand is sifting through his fingers down onto his bare feet. I am grateful. He tells me a chant to connect ourselves to the earth. “I am the earth and the earth is me” or maybe “thank you earth for being me”…hmmm. I can’t remember the words exactly, there were 3 parts to the chant. I remember the energy of it. An energy of connection to all things.

I feel myself becoming.

With love and appreciation,


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