Laughter, Meditation and Prayer: What we ate and how we spent our time.

I woke up at 7am. I did a half hour of deep breathing, meditation, prayer and kundalini yoga. It had been a few days since I’ve done my morning centering time. It felt so good to get back to it. I’d been feeling off for a few days with a headache that comes and goes. I rarely get headaches so I’m not sure what that was about. Louise Hay says that headaches are caused by invalidation of self, self criticism, fear. I also know they are often caused by dehydration. Anyway, this morning I didn’t have a headache.

Angel woke up. We went in the kitchen and I had a fun conversation with my roommate while I made 2 64oz. smoothies. One was mango, spinach and fresh squeezed OJ. I call this one liquid sunshine.

Angel enjoying eating a whole bunch of mango. I was excited that I found altualfo mangos the other day. They are the best mangos in my opinion.

The 2nd smoothie was bananas, strawberries and water. I drank 16oz. of the mango smoothie, then I packed the smoothies in the cooler along with a small salad that I had left over from 2 days ago. It had tahini, lime dressing on it. I wasn’t sure if it was still good but it smelled ok.

We got dressed and headed off to church. I was early so I took the long way through the county roads. I prefer to travel at 25mph through life rather than 70mph, plus the scenery is absolutely amazing on the back roads. I listened to a fiction audiobook “The Memory Box” on the drive. At church I started to feel slightly nauseous and heavy in the head during adult education class. I thought maybe I was coming down with what Angel had a couple weeks ago when she had a fever for 2 days. I was thinking I might just go home after class, skip church service and cancel going to work. Then during the class I joined in on a conversation and we all started laughing about something (I can’t remember what). After laughing I immediately felt better. Not just better but really really good. Wow! Laughter is so amazing!

So I stuck around through church service and did the readings. After church I stayed on and did some left over business I needed to finish up from when I was treasurer and address duties with my new position as Bishop’s warden. Angel played in the nursery, ate homemade banana chips and drank smoothie. She likes the banana, strawberry smoothie. When I finished up I headed to work. On the hour drive I drank mango smoothie and listened to the audiobook. Angel played with her leap pad, ate banana chips and drank banana smoothie. I was early again so I took the back roads part of the way as well as pulled over for a 20 minute refreshing nap. That nap felt so good!

When we arrived at work I got busy right away and Angel played with Peggy and George. I went to the store, took George to the YMCA so he could sit in the hot tub for a few minutes, took the dogs on a walk with Angel, vacuumed the front room and did laundry. I drank the rest of the mango smoothie and ate my salad (which was still good and delicious) while I worked.

After work I was hungry and out of food. (Angel had drank all of the banana smoothie…go Angel!) The nearest smoothie place was Smoothie King. I’ve only had one smoothie from there before and I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t fresh ingredients and tasted like chemicals of some sort had been added. I figured I would try them again with specific instructions. I called them up and asked what fresh fruit and fresh made juices they had. They had no fresh juices but did have fresh fruit. I ordered a strawberry, mango smoothie blended with water. I picked up the smoothie on my way home. I drank some of it. It definitely had something added, a sweetener of some sort and had a funny after taste. I still drank about half of it because I was hungry and figured my body could handle a little bit of whatever they put in it. About half way home I started to feel a slight headache again. I knew it was from the smoothie and I stopped drinking it. By the time I arrived at home the headache was gone.

When we got home I checked the temperature of my new hot tub and it was warm enough to get in. Yay! (I had been having trouble with the hot tub working correctly since I bought it 5 days ago and was about the return it if things didn’t start working right). Angel and I got in it and enjoyed it for an hour before it started getting an error code again. I spent an hour trying to fix it. While trying to fix it Angel kept climbing all over me and wouldn’t listen when I asked her to stop. I found myself getting irritated with her and finally told her that she needed to get out and go to bed. Then I realized that’s what I needed! I needed to chill out and let go of hot tub issues for a while.

We went in the house. Angel lay down in her bed and fell asleep immediately before even getting her PJ’s on. I researched hot tub problems on line (obviously not willing to let it go). I read about a few things to check for. I went out and did them and the hot tub started working correctly. Yes!! I did it!! I came back in and went to bed. I could not fall asleep for hours. It was strange since it was already past when I usually went to sleep. I think it had something to do with whatever was put into the Smoothie King smoothie. Oh well, I would fall asleep when it happened. I listened to my audiobook and fell asleep around 12:30am.

It was a wonderful day!

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you!

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Hi Victoria,

    It’s funny you mentioned smoothie king 👑, because I would get açaí bowls this vacation and I had no idea 💡 the açaí had added sugar in it! Of course I still found it delicious and my body still felt pretty good, although after finding out I didn’t get any more açaí bowls. Also the açaí helped get rid of my sore throat, and I have been sleeping very well then and now. Go figure! Maybe your headaches have to do more with stress; have you considered getting a massage 💆 or giving yourself a warm epsom salt bath 🛀? I only get headaches or loose stool when I am stressed and have too much going on, but when I am relaxed on weekends or during vacation I feel calm. I hope your headaches improve! There is also a yoga 🧘🏽‍♂️ antidote I know of for headaches 🤕 … It’s a humming technique called the brumari breathe. My yoga teacher hums like a bumblebee 🐝 whenever she has a headache 🤕 , and then she feels better. Haha 😆 laughter is also wonderful, and it helps you relax too!

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