A Day At Home: What we ate and how we spent our time.

I woke up at 6:30am. Angel woke up too. We went into the kitchen. I made 2 smoothies. One with mangos and fresh squeezed OJ. The other with bananas, strawberries, romaine lettuce and water.

We then went outside and got in the hot tub. I was trying to relax and have quiet time but Angel was crawling all over me. So we didn’t stay in the hot tub very long, plus I had put non toxic shock in it the night before but the shock clearly had chlorine in it. You could smell the chlorine and it was strong. So after getting out we took a shower to rinse off, then had a bath with epsom salt and essential rose oil.

After our bath, I researched on line what to do about chlorine smell in a hot tub. I kept reading that you needed to add more. That didn’t really make sense to me but I thought I’d give it a try. I went out and added more shock to the hot tub. Then I started some laundry and decided to clean out the file cabinet. Angel ate mangos and drank banana smoothie while she played with her toys.

It took an hour or so to get all the files cleaned up. It felt great to have that done. I drank some mango smoothie and switched the laundry. I wanted to use the clothes line but it was raining. So I used the dryer instead.

I rested for a while in the hammock and listened to an audiobook. Angel cuddled with me some and then went to play some more. I thought I might take a nap since I had only 6 hours of sleep but I didn’t feel tired. After a while I got up, drank more smoothie and made up 4 trays of banana chips to put in the dehydrator. I also bagged up a bunch of bananas and put them in the freezer. I had an abundance of ripe bananas and needed to preserve them before they went bad.

I folded laundry and organized my room. Then Angel and I went out to try out the hot tub again. It seemed to smell better. We got in and when we stirred up the water the chlorine smell was stronger than ever. Angel started coughing and my eyes started burning. We quickly got out and showered off. I decided to drain it and start over. I went to get the drain valve and found the test strips. I tested the water and it had way too much chlorine. I knew that! Lol. I started draining the hot tub. The water was coming out slowly and it looked like this would take a while.

I went back in the house and finished my smoothie. I had some portobella mushrooms I needed to use up. I got them out. Angel was interested in tasting one. She liked it, so I gave her more. She ate a half of a large portobello mushroom then went off to play. I googled raw recipes and came across a chili recipe. It had oil, vinegar and salt in it and I didn’t want to use those ingredients but it gave me the idea to make up my own recipe. So I looked in the fridge. I had tomatoes, carrots and celery I needed to use up. Perfect! Then I thought about what spices made chili taste like chili. I got started and it turned out really awesome. I loved it, it had the perfect amount of crunch with a light chili flavor. So yummy!

Low Fat Raw Vegan ChiliServes 4 to 6
Tools: -food processor with S blade. -cutting board. -sharp knife. – large mixing bowl. – stirring spatula or large spoon. Ingredients:-8 medium sized tomatoes. -3 stalks of celery. -6 medium carrots. -4 portobello mushrooms. -1 tablespoon lime juice. -1 clove of garlic. -1 teaspoon chipotle chili powder. -1 tablespoon cumin. Instructions: cut tomatoes into chunks and put 1/2 of them into the food processor. Pulse until chunky. Pour them into a large mixing bowl. Do the same with the other half of the tomatoes. Next cut the mushrooms into chunks and put them into the food processor. Add the lime juice, garlic, chipotle chili power and cumin. Pulse until they are in small pieces like hamburger. Pour them into the mixing bowl with the tomatoes. Next put the celery and carrots into the food processor. Turn on until they are chopped into very small pieces. Scrape them out with a spatula into the mixing bowl with the other ingredients. Mix all the ingredient together with a spatula or a spoon. Pour into soup bowls, garnish with celery leaves for the fun of it and serve. Enjoy! 

I had a big bowl of it.

Angel has been really quiet playing in the front room. I went to check on her and she was asleep. I put her in bed and tucked her in. Then I took another hot bath with epsom salt and lavender oil. Then I went to bed and listened to my audiobook. I felt hungry so I got up to have more chili. My roommate and Airbnb guest were in the kitchen talking. I opened the fridge and noticed there was still some of Angel’s banana smoothie left. I decided that sounded better than chili. I drank that while I joined in on the conversation my roommate and Airbnb guest were having. Then the Airbnb guest started asking about all the fruit and what I was drinking. So I got to share information on how I eat and why. He said he never eats healthy but he might start doing some of that. My roommate shared how he eats way more fruit now then he used to. It felt great to be a good influence on others. After our conversation. I left the kitchen and went to bed. I listened to my audiobook for a few minutes then fell asleep.

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I appreciate you dearly.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Hi Victoria,

    I love ❤️ your chili 🌶 recipe!!! I am glad you gave yourself a warm empsom salt bath 🛀. That seems wonderfully aquatherapeutic. I will do an epsom salt bath 🛀 soon to keep warm in this 25 degree snowy ❄️ weather while Mom flies to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 over the weekend.

    Sending you peace ☮️ and love ❤️ ,


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