Our Day: What we ate and how we spent our time.

I woke up at 2:30am. I scrolled on facebook a while, read for a while and tried to go back to sleep at 4:30am. I closed my eyes and remembered that I hadn’t written and sent in the music club minutes that I was supposed to do on Tuesday. I got up and started writing the minutes out. I couldn’t remember a few members last names so I went to find my music club yearbook. I wasn’t sure where I had put it since we just moved. I looked in a few places that I was likely to put it. I couldn’t find it. Finally I sat down and thought for a minute. I was sure I had put it in the first place I had looked. I looked again and there it was. Magic! Lol.

I finished the minutes at went back to sleep at 6am. Angel woke me up at 8am. I got up, made pumpkin seed milk and 2 64oz smoothies with each containing 6 bananas, 1head of romaine, 5 strawberries, aćai juice, agave nectar and pumpkin milk. I packed them in the cooler to take with us. I blended up left over honeydew melon from yesterday and drank 32oz of that right away. I put the pumpkin pulp in the fridge mixed with some dill, lime juice and garlic so it could be some yummy cheese in a few days. Then I cut open a young coconut. Angel drank the water from it. She also had some smoothie and an avocado for breakfast. I scraped out the coconut meat and put it in the cooler for later. I also added a harmless harvest coconut water to the cooler. I drank a 16oz glass of fresh squeezed OJ, cleaned up the kitchen and took out the compost.

I took a shower, did meditation and stretches. I put on coconut oil mixed with lavender oil and got dressed. We got in the car and I drove to storytime. On the drive I listened to Eckhart Tolle on YouTube. Storytime was great. Angel had a lot of fun.

After storytime we went to the church. I did some of my duties as senior warden for an hour. Then did a phone consultation with a delightful client for an hour. Angel played in the nursery and drank more smoothie.

After the consultation, I drank some smoothie. Then we went to the bank to add the the altar guild chairperson and new treasurer on the accounts. I planned on it taking 15 minutes but the process took over an hour. I message my afternoon client telling her I would be late. I was impressed with how relaxed I was about the fact that I wasn’t on schedule. That was something new and I liked it! Angel played on my phone quietly while we were there.

After leaving the bank, I finished off our 1st smoothie and listened to Eckhart Tolle on the drive. Angel had smoothie and ate some coconut meat. When we arrived at work it wasn’t a problem that I was late. Work was a lot of fun and Angel had a great time playing with my client Carolyn.

I worked for 2 hours and because I had been late for work I was now late to host “Life Group” at the Bistro. I still wasn’t stressing about it. On the drive there I listened to Eckhart Tolle some more. Angel and I shared our 2nd smoothie and finished it off. When we arrived at the bistro, the owners and my friends were the only ones there for life group. I ate a big salad and talked with them. We didn’t really have a group meeting but we all still got a lot out of our talk.

After leaving the Bistro we headed home. On the drive, I talked with my client Peggy on the phone system. Then I talked with my mom. At home, I cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, started laundry, took a shower with Angel and we went to bed. Angel fell asleep. I wrote my blog and gratitudes.

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I appreciate y’all very much.

With love and gratitude,


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