Embracing Your Emotions

Dear Diary and friends,
Wednsday was a plain ol’ day. First thing in the morning, I drove a client to the grocery store and back home when he was finished. I enjoyed that. Then I went and walked to the library with Angel for story time. Story time was fun and Angel was able to spend time with other kids.

After story time we walked to the thrift store and found a few items for the RV. Then we walked to city hall to get the water bill put in my roommates name. Then we walked home. I drank a banana, strawberry and coconut water smoothie. Then I took the car on to get the oil changed. (I used to do my own oil changes, now I live the luxury life😀). Then I did some fixing up of things in the RV and other things around the house. In the evening I had a big salad and watched an hour of Netflix. After that it was shower time and early to bed.
This morning I woke up at 4am. My mind was thinking all kinds of unhappy thoughts, so I listened to “A Course in Miracles” until I fell back asleep at around 7am. I woke up again at 8am. I felt really tired which surprised me since I had gone to bed early and had gotten 8 hours of sleep even with waking u for a few hours. Anyway, I went into the kitchen with Angel. I took a shower. Then I made a banana, strawberry and coconut water smoothie. I cut up some mango and got ready to go into Austin for a hike as a nature preserve with Yuliya. I felt so tired and felt overwhelmed with trying to get everything ready to go. I got caught up in the feeling and was struggling to reach for better feeling thoughts. I felt rushed and didn’t have time for my morning gratitudes and meditation. I finally got everything in the car including Angel and the house looking nice, with Yuliya’s help. Then we were off to Austin. Just outside of town I could barely keep my eyes open, I was feeling so tired. I asked Yuliya if she would drive and she agreed. I laid back in the passenger seat and closed my eyes. I did a body scan and notices a lot of tension in my forehead area behind the bone. I breathed into that area and released the tension. Immediately I started to feel much better. I enjoyed lying there, listening to “The Astonishing Power of Emotions”, drinking my smoothie and being a passenger for the rest of the trip.
Before we arrived at the nature preserve, we stopped at the grocery store. I thought we were going to run in and out. In the back of my mind I was concerned about having a enough time to hike because I was scheduled to be back in my town that evening to give a talk at the local Bistro. So basically I was worried about time. I felt the tension in my forehead start up again when it was taking a long time at the grocery store. I again focused on relaxing that place behind my forehead and it was now clear to me that the tension there was caused by worry about time. So I let go of that worry by changing my thoughts. I assured myself that we would have plenty of time to hike and be back in time for my speech. (Which is exactly what happened).
After the grocery store we went to the nature preserve. It was an amazing place. We spent some time looking at all the neat things in the main building.

Then we went on a really nice hike.

On our way back from the hike we came across a bird of prey sanctuary. It was awesome to see that all the birds were rescue birds that had been injured in some way and were not able to survive on their own without help from people. Angel loved seeing the birds, next we found the wildlife sanctuary and those animals were all also rescue animals living very pampered lives. After looking at the animals we found a big sand pit that Angel had a lot of fun playing in and she even got to play with a friend for a short period of time.

When we got back to the car we all ate. I had coconut water and the rest of my smoothie. Angel ate coconut, smoothie and mango.
The drive home was nice. Traffic was congested and slow but I didn’t mind, I was able to write out my gratitudes when I was stopped. I was enjoying listening the “The Power of Emotions” and talking with Yuliya. When we arrived home we all ate some mango, banana nice cream. I had a big bowl of that as well as a huge mango. Then I was rushed to get to the bistro. I felt that time tension start up again and immediately changed my thoughts and released it. I walked to the bistro with Angel and Yuliya. The talk went great! It was about embracing your emotions. The Holy Spirit spoke through me and was brilliant as always. After the talk wound down I ordered a salad and it was amazing as always. I love their salads!On the way home we walked the long way. It was a lovely night with lovely night sounds and a few fireflies here and there. The conversation was great and it was a wonderful way to end the day.
Back at home, I took a cold shower with Angel and we went to bed. It was an amazing day!
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

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