Changing My Energy Vibration

Dear Diary and Friends,
I woke up at 5am. I thought about the vegan cake I had made for a fundraiser the night before and decided it was too small and I would make another one, so it could be a double layer cake. I went into the kitchen and whipped together the. batter. I remembered the recipe from the night before, I double checked to make sure and I had remembered it exactly. Yay! While it was baking I had a fun early morning conversation with my awesome roommate Nick who also was randomly awake.
The cake turned out great. I pulled it out of the over to cool and went back to bed. I fell asleep listening to “The Art of Allowing” by Ester and Jerry Hicks. I had vivid dreams where I was acting out what I was hearing. Those are my favorite kind of dreams.
Angel woke me up at 8am. We got up and went into the kitchen. I opened up 2 coconuts and made a banana, strawberry and coconut water smoothie. Then I frosted the cake and decorated it. It turned out beautiful!

I took a shower and got dressed. Then I packed up the cooler with food for the day. For Angel I packed, mango, avocado, coconut meat, homemade raw flax crackers and dates. For myself I packed the smoothie. I put Angel in the car and we were off. I stopped and dropped off the cake. Then I headed to Austin to do deliveries.
On the drive a received a call for a consultation. I love love love doing consultations because I’m very good at them but more than that, the Holy Spirit comes over me and speaks through me. Amazing words of wisdom are spoken and I get the benefit of hearing them as well. In today’s consultation session the Holy Spirit was sharing about my experience with getting my feelings hurt yesterday. It was made clear to me that I had attracted that situation into my life. (Read yesterday’s blog post). Ever since I’ve joined the music club I haven’t felt accepted by the a lot of people in the group. I wasn’t feeling accepted because of my thoughts and judgements of interpreting people’s actions towards me. Then the situation yesterday happened and that verified that I wasn’t accepted on a big level. It was so big that my emotions were brought to my attention. Because it was so big, I was able to see clearly that I had been vibrating unacceptance in this particular group, therefore of course I was attracting it. I was allowing what I perceived as other people’s unacceptance of me to influence my acceptance of myself. Now that I could see that clearly I was able to change my thoughts and therefore change my energy vibration. I know there are many people in the group that do accept me but most importantly, I accept myself. I like who I am, I enjoy my own company and think I am great fun. There will always be people who don’t like and accept me and I’m ok with that. That isn’t going to prevent me in any way from liking myself. I enjoy going to music club and will continue to enjoy it and now that I’ve shifted my energy vibration I know I will enjoy it even more since now I have chosen to feel accepted.
As the Holy Spirit shared this during the consultation I was delighted to hear it and make it part of my life and it was exactly what the person I was talking with needed to hear as well. What a blessing!
I arrived in Austin and did deliveries for a couple of hours. I enjoyed myself. Then I headed to the Asian store and bought 2 cases of coconuts.

After shopping, I headed to work for George. I was early so I pulled over in the shade and checked my messages and emails. I had an email from the lady in the music club that I had talked to yesterday that had done our music program without including me. Earlier that morning I had sent her a message of gratitude and joy thanking her for doing all that hard work. She replied and had sent me a copy of the program. She included me, my daughter and her boyfriend in it. Yes! Of course! Lol. The energy has shifted indeed. 😃
I had a great time working for George and his girlfriend Peggy. I did some painting of the bathroom cupboards and doors. Peggy made a delicious smoothie of oranges and strawberries and shared it with me. We sat outside and talked some while Angel played in her pool.

George and Angel went on a walk with Bany the dog.

After work, I did deliveries for another 3 hours. I finished drinking the smoothie I had brought with me. Then later I was still hungry, so I had a salad and avocado rolls. I listened to “Finding the Path to Joy Through Energy Balance” by Ester and Jerry Hicks on the way home.
When I arrived home, Yuliya helped me put away the coconuts. Then I showered and went to bed. It was a wonderful day.

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

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