Stuck in the Mud and a Smashed Toe

Dear Diary and Friends,
Friday I cleaned a house in the morning, did some consulting and worked for George and Peggy in the afternoon. As I was driving to work a few donations came through for doing consulting. I was so very grateful! Yay…abundance!

Saturday was an easy going day. I did laundry and worked on the RV in the morning, getting it ready for guests. Then I cleaned the church. After that I stopped by the bistro and had a salad for my first meal of the day. My daughter Savana and her boyfriend Tyler were there and it was fun seeing them. After that I walked a couple of blocks with Angel to a music festival that was going on here in town.

Angel had a lot of fun there. She jumped in the bounce house.

Then we rode in a “train” pulled by a tractor. Angel wouldn’t go alone so I got to go along for the ride, which was fun for me as well.

After the festival we went shopping and bought some mangos and peaches. When we arrived back at home I had another salad for dinner, I added a small amount of lentil and steamed greens and it was really good. Then we went on a long walk with my friend Yuliya. On the way we said hello to the neighbor horse Rein and ran into Savana and Tyler again.

When we arrived home. I showered and went to bed.
Yesterday was an eventful day. Savana, Tyler, Yuliya, Angel and myself planned on going to a corn maze. In the morning I went to church for Sunday school. I wasn’t going to stay long so I could come home and get ready for the corn maze but I ended up staying the whole time. After Sunday school, I can home and went to clean the RV to get it ready for another guest arriving that evening. The next guest is staying for 23 days so I wanted to empty all the tanks and have it nice and fresh. It has been raining a lot lately and I didn’t want to get the RV stuck in the mud (which had happened twice before). So I laid down a bunch of plywood and felt that would do the trick. I started to back out and immediately got stuck. The boards had slid and I was stuck stuck.

I got angry and said a few choice words. I immediately starting thinking better feeling thoughts such as: “At least the RV is mostly even and the guest can still stay in it like this”. “We are going to have a few days without rain next week and I’m sure I can get it out then”. “There are people who have big pickups that can pull me out next week.” “Everything always works out.” “At least it’s not partially in the road like it was last time.” I started to feel better. I went to plug it back in and turn everything back on so it would be ready for the guest. Then I realized the cord wouldn’t reach the outlet from where it was stuck. Ok, no problem, I would just go to the store and get an extension cord. So I loaded Angel up and drove to the store. Angel was being fussy and I was trying to hurry so we could go to the corn maze. I could feel myself getting impatient with her and started focusing on changing my thoughts again: “It’s all going to work out”. “We still have plenty of time to get to the corn maze.” and on until I started to feel better. I got what I needed at the store and plugged in the RV when I arrived back home. I cleaned it and got it ready for the guest. Yay! The RV was finally ready for the guest. By then I as hungry. I drank half of a 64oz. smoothie.
We all got ready for the corn maze. We all squeezed into my little car. We had 2 choices, to go to one an hour away or go to a better one an hour and a half away. We decided to go to the better one. On the drive, we listened to “The Process” by Ester and Jerry Hicks and I drank the other half of my smoothie.
At the corn maze, Angel had fun jumping on the giant pillow, going down cool slides and other activities.

Then we all went into the corn maze. We rented a wagon to pull Angel in. In the maze, Savana and Tyler ditched us right away. We went along and felt like we were making good progress. Angel was restless and kept getting in and out of the wagon. We came to a bridge where we had to carry the wagon up some stairs, cross the bridge and carry it back down the other side. The wagon was homemade, with heavy metal welded together. It was awkward for Yuliya and I to life and carry it. We got up to the top, then started to go down the other side when the handle fell forward and smashed my big toe. I was instantly in an incredible amount of pain. I yelled out and jumped around for a while waiting for the pain to stop.

Yuliya encouraged me to wait for a bit before we attempted to carry the wagon down again. I waited until the pain was tolerable. Then we carried the wagon down, I made sure I had a good grip on the handle. We walked around the maze for a while more, with me limping along. The pain was intense but I was ignoring it and practicing not focusing on it. I was sure we would be out of the maze shortly. Finally one of the maze workers came along and said he would help us. So we followed him and it was a long ways before we reached the end. We would have been in there for hours if he wouldn’t have helped After we got out we went on the hay ride. It was nice to be sitting and I was able to put my toe up.

After that we did a few more activities with Angel. The funnest one was the cow ride where the tractor pulled us over a track that had little hills so it was like a mini roller coaster.

Yuliya drove part of the way home and Savana drove the other half. We listened to Ester Hicks on the drive and I drank a 64oz. banana smoothie within 15 minutes. I was so hungry, then I was very My toe was throbbing and I was thinking that the blood under the toenail needed to be released.
When we arrived home I had Savana put a hot needed on my toenail to release the blood but no blood came out. So there was no pain relief there. The airbnb guest arrived to stay in the RV. She was great! I explained to her about the RV getting stuck and it not being quite even. She was fine with everything. After getting her settled in, I soaked my toe for a while, then my roommate Nick put iodine on it. Then Angel and I took a shower and went to bed. My toe was throbbing and throbbing. I finally got up and took an ibuprofen. It took a couple of hours for the pain to get better, I read while I was waiting.
I slept really good and when I woke up my toe felt better even thought it still really swollen.
It was a good few days!

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

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