Adventures with My Friend Sarah

Saturday May 25, 2024

I woke up 5 am, I edited my blog and posted it. When it started to get light out, I let out the chickens, ducks and geese. I laid back down and wrote my blog some more until Sarah woke up at 6:50 am. We talked for a few minutes before going in the house to make tea. Sarah had brought some of her teas from home, I’d had some last night and I had a different one this morning. They were really good, I love herbal teas. Sarah sat at the kitchen table with our new (not so) wild kitten Tiger on her lap. It had only taken him 2 days to become tame. Angel and Finn played with him and the other 2 kittens, Flo and Coco, all day yesterday while I was thrifting with Carolena and that’s all it took to tame Tiger. Sarah loves cats and she petted Tiger while we chatted and I went about my morning routine. I made Angel a waffle for breakfast and made a smoothie for Sarah and myself. Instead of a banana based smoothie like I usually make, I blended up a watermelon at Sarah’s request. We drank a bunch of it right away and it was really yummy and refreshing. I’m glad it’s watermelon season again. Watermelon is extremely hydrating and cooling. It is full of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids (yes, protein). I never get overheated or dehydrated in the summer when I’m drinking or eating watermelon. In my opinion, watermelon and coconut water are the two best sources for staying hydrated at a deep cellular level. 

Christopher left to go clean the Lutheran Church and Angel stayed home with Sarah and me. I started laundry washing and we all went out to the goat pen to see the baby goat Rain. Sarah had never held a baby goat before and she immediately fell in love with him. She hugged him and petted him for a while before giving him back to his concerned mom MayMay. MayMay looked her son over and was relieved that he had been returned unharmed. 

Later in the morning, we all went to the farmers market in Caldwell. I bought some fresh cucumbers and we looked at all the booths. Then we went to a store across the street that sells fresh fruit smoothies as well as homemade essential oils and unique gifts. The young lady working there was at the counter helping an older woman. I looked around while I waited to order our smoothies. When they were finishing up their transaction I headed up to the counter. The young lady working there told the older woman “thank you and have a nice day”. The older woman abruptly said, “no” and pushed past me on her way out of the store. The young lady working there looked surprised and confused and I started laughing. I told the young lady that I’d never heard anyone say no to being told to have a nice day before and I laughed some more. Sarah walked up to see what was so funny and I told her about what happened. We were all laughing by then. I wished that woman well and thanked her for giving me a good laugh. We ordered our smoothies and looked around the store some more. There was a play area for kids there and Angel was building a house with magnetic tiles. When our smoothies were ready, Sarah and I sat on some couches in the play area and watched Angel finish building her house while we drank our smoothies. 

We left the store when we finished our smoothies and we went to the thrift store around the corner but it was closed for Memorial Day weekend. Sarah and I decided we would go to College Station to check out the thrift stores there. I looked up thrift stores in College Station and the closest one was only 30 minutes away. Sarah and I had insightful conversations and the drive and the time went by quickly. 

We were almost to the thrift store when we approached a store I really like called Farm Patch because they sell local fresh produce. I asked Sarah if she wanted to stop there and she said she did. I pulled in and I was glad that I did. They had so much amazing produce. Sarah bought 3 huge watermelons and I bought 2 of them. I also bought some local peaches and strawberries. I hadn’t been to College Station in a long time but I want to come more often just to buy produce from Farm Patch. Their produce is much fresher and local and way better quality than grocery store produce. 

We all ate the strawberries I had bought during the rest of the drive to the thrift store. They were super sweet and delicious. When we arrived at the thrift store it was closed. I looked up another thrift store nearby and when we went inside it only had clothing. I looked up one more thrift store and with that one we hit the jackpot. It was an awesome store and we found lots of treasures there. Angel found a kit to make a stained glass mobile and asked if we could do it together when we got home. I said yes. I bought a lot of decorative items that I use to enhance gifts that I give to people for birthdays and Christmas. 

On the drive home, Sarah and I had more insightful conversations. I love the conversations I have with my friends. As soon as we got home, Angel I started working on her stained glass mobile kit. Sarah packed her stuff in her car and we hugged goodbye before she headed home. Angel and I worked on her kit for a couple of hours and the end product turned out really nice. Angel said she wants to give it to her sister for her birthday. 

I looked around my garden to see how things were coming along. It’s pretty self sufficient since I’ve stopped weeding and it’s watered by the grey water from the kitchen sink. I did pull up a few tie vines so they wouldn’t choke out the plants but all the other weeds are good ones. I have pumpkins growing over the garden arch and lots of tomatoes that are going to be ready soon. This year, my garden looks better than it ever before. 

Angel went swimming in her pool and I took a bath. At dinner time, I had a salad and we all shared what we were grateful for. Then we gathered in the banana hut for story-time. I read one chapter from Stormy, Misty’s Foal. Christopher and Angel went in the house and I wrote my blog. After a while Angel came in and said she wanted to sleep in here on the trundle bed. I put on a unicorn meditation and we fell asleep at around 10 pm. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P.S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

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