Inflammation and Home

Tuesday May 21, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 3 am and wrote my blog until 6 am. My morning was fast paced and I wasn’t feeling that great. I had a lot of inflammation going on. My left forearm and elbow were acting up with tendonitis. Today was my last day of my overnight pet sitting opportunity. I stripped the bed and started the bedding in the wash. I packed my suitcase and did my normal morning routine of making tea and a smoothie. I fed the dogs and headed out. 

Christopher dropped Angel off to me at my first house cleaning. He had something he needed to do and couldn’t take Angel with him. I got Angel started on her schoolwork which she wasn’t happy about. My body was really hurting with so much inflammation going on. I had eaten some cake at the music club potluck last night and I was sure that was the cause. I also knew it went deeper than that. I know my body reflects what’s going on in my mind. I prayed for guidance and clarity about what I am subconsciously inflamed about. All through the day I received waves of clarity. I suddenly realized why I ate that piece of cake when I knew it would cause me to have inflammation. I made that choice so that my subconscious inflammation could be brought to consciousness. Then I asked the question, why does cake cause me inflammation in the first place? because if I eat anything that doesn’t have living enzymes, I get inflammation. Years of taking antibiotics destroyed my digestive system. I was constantly sick with infections as a child and into adulthood until I was 34 years old. For those 34 years I was constantly taking antibiotics. I asked, why was I sick with infections for so many years? Because my right leg was severely burned as a baby and all my skin graft surgeries weakened my immune system. Yes, but there’s more. I felt very unloved by my mom as a child and when I was sick my mom would be nice to me and care for me and I would feel loved by her. Through this realization, I clearly saw that I became addicted to being sick because I associated sickness with love. Then how did I stop being sick all the time? I was dying and I prayed to be shown how to heal. I was shown how to love myself and take care of myself and what foods to eat so that my body could heal. Do I choose to eat things that cause inflammation (sickness) when I am feeling unloved? Yes. Do I feel unloved right now? Yes. Am I really unloved? No, I am fully loved. Do I need to be shown love to know that I am fully loved? No, I know I am fully loved at all times. I remember. 

The second house I cleaned was next door to my pet sitting job and it was a new client. While I cleaned, Angel finished her schoolwork and went outside to look at their Pygmy goats. I had Pygmy goats years ago in Idaho and they are adorable. The house was fairly easy to clean, especially for being my first time cleaning it. My body felt better and better with each wave of clarity that I received. It’s amazing how much our minds affect our bodies. Our thoughts really do create our reality. 

When I finished cleaning, I drove next door to my pet sitting house and greeted the dogs. I switched the laundry and started cleaning the house so it would be clean when Sofia and Chance’s owners, who are also my friends, got home. I was feeling tired from only getting 4 hours of sleep, so I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. Angel played on her phone while I slept surrounded by Sofia, Bits and the 3 yorkies. An hour later, I woke up to all the dogs barking. A delivery guy was dropping off a package and Chance was aggressively barking at him. I jumped up, ran outside and grabbed Chance by the collar to keep the delivery guy safe. When the delivery guy left and everything calmed down, Angel and I went to the store. On the way, I went through the car wash and vacuumed out my truck. It felt good to have it all clean. At the store, we quickly got groceries. I wanted to finish cleaning my pet sitting house before the owners got home and they were going to be there soon. 

I was almost done cleaning when they pulled into the driveway. It was good to see them. All the dogs were also happy to see them, including the yorkies, who had never seen them before 😂. I gave my friend Kim a hug and told her I was just finishing up cleaning. Kim and her husband got settled in while I did the final touches. I put the yorkies in their kennels, packed them in the truck with the rest of our supplies and we happily headed home. 

Christopher had dinner and a bath ready when we arrived home. I appreciated his thoughtfulness and thanked him. I ate a salad for dinner and we all shared with each other what we were grateful for while we ate. I chatted with Christopher while Angel got in the bath. I joined her after I was done talking and it felt great to soak in a nice big bathtub. Since it’s outdoors, Angel and I noticed a lot of banana plants coming up. We counted 8 of them. Yay! 

After our bath and before story-time, Angel and I went to the goat pen and watched the baby goat. He is looking very happy and healthy. When Christopher was ready, we all gathered in the banana hut for story-time. I read one chapter from Stormy, Misty’s Foal. Then we all put the yorkies away in their nighttime kennel and Christopher went into the house. I read Angel 3 chapters from The National Park Mystery Series book 4. Those are great books. Angel slept next to me on the trundle bed and we listened to a unicorn bedtime meditation and fell asleep at around 9 pm. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you.



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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