Hot Springs and an Icy River

Saturday May 4, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 4 am and played the Township game on my phone until 7 am. Angel woke up and crawled in bed with me. We both went back to sleep and woke up again at 9 am. We got up and made my bed. We went downstairs, Angel had breakfast and started her schoolwork (I thought it was Friday 😂) while I unloaded the dishwasher and switched the laundry. 

Trish got up and I made us both some tea. She sat on the couch and helped Angel with her schoolwork. I walked to the grocery store and back, after putting the groceries away I drove to the hardware store and the post office. I got Trish’s mail from her P.O. Box and the nut milk bag I had ordered arrived. Yay! Now I could make almond milk. The other day I had found raw almonds at the little grocery store in the snack section. I started soaking some almonds yesterday since I knew the nut milk bag would be arriving soon. 

At the hardware store, I got cinder blocks, pavers and a flapper for one of Trisha’s toilets to repair it. Little Bit came into the hardware store with me and the men that were in there loved him. He said hello to everyone and was on his cutest behavior. While loading up the cinder blocks in the truck my left elbow started hurting. It acts up once in a while, I think it’s tendinitis. When I got to Trish’s, I wanted help unloading the truck because of my elbow issue. I figured I would have either my nephew help me when he got up or have Brett help when he arrived to go swimming with us. 

When it was almost time to leave to go swimming, my nephew still wasn’t up and Brett had not arrived. I wasn’t sure if he was showing up. He didn’t have a phone I could get a hold of him on. I decided it was me that was going to be unloading the truck. I would just have to be careful about my elbow. I wanted to unload them in the back, over the fence for the garden, since that’s where they needed to be but there was no way I could lift them over the fence without hurting my elbow more. So I started unloading them in front at the back of the driveway. I had unloaded a few when Brett pulled up. I asked him if he would help and told him they really needed to go in the back over the fence. He said he would be happy to help. We loaded the ones I had unloaded back into the truck and I drove around to the back. Brett lifted the cinder blocks over the fence to me and I stacked them up neatly on the edge of the garden. 

Angel had finished her schoolwork in record time today. She was doing math instead of phonics and she loves math. She was ready to go when we came in the house. We all got in the truck and Little Bit got in the truck too. I told him he couldn’t go and had to stay with Trish. He gave me the sad eyes and when I took him in the house, he gave me the “don’t leave me” look as I went out the door. I told him he would be fine and I would be back. We headed out and stopped to let out Missy’s chickens on the way. The hot springs are close to her house and I imagine she will be going there a lot when she moves in. 

We arrived at the hot springs and paid to go in. We had reservations from 12pm to 2pm and we arrived a half hour late. We still had an hour and a half to swim which was plenty of time. The last time I had been to Mundo hot springs, it was free and was just a small pool put together with concrete and rocks. Now it was a good size concrete pool and all fancy. You had to make reservations and pay to get in. It was still a hot springs though and I was happy to get a chance to soak in the warm mineral water. There were some girls there that Angel played with and I floated on my back relaxing a lot of the time. The water felt so good. Brett and I talked some but mostly we did our own thing. 

When it was time to get out, I left my swimming suit on because I had decided I wanted to find a spot to plunge into the ice cold snow melt water of the Weiser river. Rivers don’t have ice cold fresh water in Texas and I love how refreshed I feel when I plunge myself into the icy waters up north. Christopher thinks I’m crazy to do such things but he doesn’t know the good stuff. The “iceman” Wim Hoff knows about how amazing it feels to plunge yourself into icy waters 😁. Check out his stuff, he’s a pretty interesting guy. 

On the way to Trish’s, I took a side road that followed the middle fork of the Weiser river. As we were driving along the dirt road we passed 2 guys walking along the road carrying hiking backpacks. I thought the road was a strange place to go hiking, since there are hiking trails everywhere in the mountains. I drove along until we came across a good camping spot next to the river. I pulled in and had Brett take a picture as I plunged into the ice cold water. Brett probably thinks I’m crazy too but he’s kind of crazy himself so he just lets me do my thing without comment. The water was ice cold and as my brain was saying don’t go in that water, I ignored it and plunged in before I could change my mind. The icy water flowed over me and I quickly got up and out. As the blood rushed through my body to warm it up, I felt amazing. That feeling is what I do things like this for. It’s an incredible adrenaline rush and I love the way it feels. My body quickly warmed up and I felt great. 

As we headed to Trish’s, we passed the guys hiking again. The guy that was way behind looked tired and I stopped to see if everything was ok or if he needed anything. The guy said he was tired but was fine and didn’t need anything. He and his friend were almost finished with a 50 mile hike they were testing out to see if it was something they take their church youth group on. He said that the conclusion was they needed to make it a shorter hike. I wished him the best on his last few miles and continued driving. 

We arrived at Trish’s and as I was unloading, I went to ask Brett something and he wasn’t around. I looked and his car was gone. He had already left without saying a word. I laughed to myself, he’s such a strange fellow. Trish had wanted to talk to him about going morel mushroom hunting with him in the future but she’ll have to talk to him next time. He’s coming over Monday to help my sister Missy unpack. She is driving a U-Haul with all of her stuff in it up from Arizona and will officially be moving in to her new place on Monday. 

My nephew and his girlfriend were still at Trish’s but they left shortly after I arrived. Trish let me know that she installed the toilet bowl flapper I had bought and it worked. Yay! She is getting around good in her little knee scooter and has been doing all kinds of things. She hardly needs my help but she still can’t get in the laundry room to do laundry and she likes having is here just in case. I like being here too. 

The rest of the evening I relaxed on the couch with Angel and Trish playing the Township game on our phones. I also started planning my trip home. I called Angel’s paternal grandma StJohn in Oklahoma to see if she wanted us to go through there on the way home. She said yes and was really excited about it. Going that way will add 4 hours onto our trip but it will be good for Angel to spend time with her grandma. She doesn’t see her very often. 

At 8 pm I left to go put away Missy’s chickens. Angel took a bath while I was gone. Then we all laid on Trish’s bed and watched a movie called Winn Dixie. I played Township on my phone the whole time. It was late when the movie ended and I played Township in bed and didn’t get to sleep until 1 am. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P.S. This blog post is inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

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