Angel Throwing Up, Laundry Mat, Paper Route, Dog Walking, Cat Muzzle and Coaching

Wednesday April 17, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 3:30 am. My left hand was asleep and it took me a while to get it wake up. Angel woke up coughing and went over to the house to get a drink of water. She was gone a while and just when I was getting ready to go check on her, she came back in with her water and said she threw up. I got her a bowl in case she needed to throw up more, which she immediately did. She continued to throw up water off and on until around 5 am, then she fell back asleep. 

I was glad she was sleeping again. She didn’t have a fever and I was thinking she might have caught a little stomach bug. I wrote my blog until 6 am. I got up, made my bed and let out the chickens, ducks and geese. I went in the house and told Christopher that Angel had been throwing up and was now sleeping. I fed the dogs and made my tea and smoothies. Since Angel had been sick all morning, she stayed home with Christopher and didn’t come with me like she usually does on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we go to story-time at the library. Without Angel, I figured I would skip story-time. My friend Kyle wanted me to wash a comforter for him at the laundry mat and to make good use of my time, I could wash it during story-time instead of later in the day like I had originally planned. 

I cleaned my first house and had great conversations with my clients. When I finished cleaning, I picked up Ms. M and got the comforter from Kyle. I started it washing at the laundry mat. While waiting for the comforter to wash, Ms. M and I went and walked Zona. Ms. M really enjoyed the walk. Then, we played catch with Zona and Little Bit in the backyard. They are funny together, Little Bit will sometimes get to the toy before Zona but he always lets Zona grab it and bring it back. Those two have become great friends. Ms. M had fun watching the dogs play, we both laughed and laughed at how funny they were being. 

We arrived back at the laundry mat just as the washing machine was finishing up. I put the comforter in the dryer and went to the bookstore to get a tea. Then Ms. M and I sat in my truck outside the laundry mat listening to music. I messaged Christopher asking how Angel was doing. He said she was doing good. She ate well and was acting normal. I guess whatever had been causing her to throw up had worked its way out. 

When the comforter was dry, I folded it up nicely and took it back to Kyle right before it was time for the newspapers to arrive. The papers arrived and I did my route. The paper route took extra long this time. The stores and restaurants were busy and I had to do a lot of waiting to collect money. I had a cleaning client scheduled for after the papers because she hadn’t been feeling good yesterday and got moved to today. I like not having any clients after the paper route so I don’t feel rushed and I can go home right after but since I had to reschedule my client for today, I told her I might be arriving later if the papers ran late. 

When I finally finished delivering the papers, I took Ms. M home and on the way I stopped and picked up a check for the cat sitting job I had done for 10 days. I had really enjoyed that job. I am grateful that most of my pet sitting jobs are great ones. Every once in a while I get a challenging one like when I boarded Solo but those are rare. Most of my pet sitting jobs I really like. 

I arrived at my last house and my client who is also my friend showed me a cat muzzle she had gotten for one of her cats named Devlin to use when his claws needed trimmed to keep him from biting. She wasn’t sure if it would fit him, so we decided to try it out. Well, as expected, he didn’t like it one bit and fought us as we were putting it on. Just as my friend got it securely in place, Devlin scratched me on the leg and took off running. The sight of him running with this big ball attached to his head was really funny. Devlin ran up the stairs and we went up after him. We were trying not to laugh but it was hard not to. We found poor Devlin banging around under one of the beds. I pulled him out and my friend unlatched the muzzle. Once the muzzle was off, Devlin immediately calmed down and went back to being his normal self. Now we know that the muzzle fits but it might not help with being able to trim his claws since he freaks out so bad with it on. 

I got my friends house cleaned and headed home. Christopher had messaged, asking me to pick up Angel from him on the oil field road out in the woods. He was out there hanging out with his friends. I said ok and let him know when I was on my way. When I got Angel from him, I had 10 minutes before I had a phone session with a life coaching client. Driving back down the oil field road I thought it might be nice to sit at the pond we call “swim tank” while I made my phone call and Angel could play in the water. I asked Angel if she wanted to go to swim tank and she excitedly said yes. I pulled in and Angel jumped out to go play. I called my client and we had a great session. 

When it was over I drove us home and we had smoothies for dinner. We took a bath, fed the goats and put fresh water in the pools for the ducks and geese. Then we jumped on the trampoline for a while. When it started to get dark, we put all the birds away and I read aloud 3 chapters from The National Park Mystery Series. We fell asleep at around 9 pm listening to a Little House on the Prairie audiobook. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you.



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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