Better Day, New Perspective, Family Walk and Another Headache

February 6, 2024

I woke up at 3 a.m. My headache was gone and my bed had a wet spot down at the bottom. Little Bit had had an accident. I was sleeping so hard I probably didn’t hear him ask to go out. I let Bits out, stripped the bed and put on clean sheets. Then I wrote my blog until 4 a.m. and fell back asleep until 6 a.m. I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for headaches. Thank you for the down time. 
  • I am grateful for a new day. Thank you for a fresh start. 
  • I am grateful for depression. Thank you for bringing awareness to my hearts desires 
  • I am grateful for sleep. Thank you for good rest. 

I made my bed and got dressed. I greeted Christopher and Angel when I went next door. I made tea and a smoothie. Angel wanted me to braid her hair into six braids, we compromised on 2. She has really long beautiful hair and I’m glad she wants it braided because it makes it easier to manage. 

Once we were ready, I headed to town with Angel. We listened to Anne of Green Gables on the drive and arrived at my first house on time. I started Angel on her school work and she was fighting it today. She kept playing helpless and acting like she didn’t know how to do it, even though it was all stuff she had done before. I would explain it to her and she still carried on about not knowing how. Finally I told her it was ok to take all day doing it, we had time. After carrying on for a while longer, she got tired of her own drama and got it all done just as I finished cleaning. As we were leaving, Angel was talking to my client about liking Nancy Drew and my client said she loved those books when she was a kid, as well as the Bobbsey Twins. Oh, I hadn’t thought about the Bobbsey Twins. I looked them up on YouTube at my next house and there were a lot of Bobbsey Twin audiobooks on there. I put one on for Angel to listen to. She played with her toys while she listened. I also enjoyed listening to the book while I cleaned, it was a fun story. 

Next, I cleaned the Lutheran Church. I hadn’t been there to clean for a while. Christopher had been cleaning it to make some money when he’s in between jobs. He has a job right now and I was glad to clean the church. Churches are my favorite. The church secretary was there and it was good to see her. She said Christopher has been doing a good job and they are happy with his work. I was glad to hear that. We chatted briefly and I got started cleaning. Angel played in the nursery while I cleaned and built a neat structure with an erector set. I really enjoyed making the church beautiful and felt grateful to have a couple of churches to clean. I’m not sure why I love cleaning churches so much but I would love to have more churches to clean. 

The house I was going to clean next canceled and I was grateful for that. I wouldn’t have such a long work day. Usually when someone cancels the day of, I get irritated because I could have filled that spot in with someone else. I appreciated getting a new perspective and being grateful for what is.

I just had one house left to check in on and tidy up. The owner is staying with his son while he recovers from an infected kidney stone and they asked me to check in on the place every couple of weeks until he returns. I cleaned up some bugs and swept the leaves and sand off of his back porch to make it look nice. Then I was finished cleaning for the day. Yay! 

I stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on fresh produce. A friend called just as I got back to the truck and we had a good talk on my drive home. When I arrived at home. I got off the phone, brought in groceries, hung my sheets on the line. I brought in the dry laundry and put it away and put the groceries away. Christopher was on the phone having a shaman zoom meeting and when he finished, we talked briefly about our day. Then I gave the ducks fresh water in their kiddy pools and sat outside naked in the sun and did a suduko puzzle. When I finished the puzzle, we all went for a family walk in the woods to the gulley. I was still without clothes and I was glad it was warm enough that I could go without clothing. I’m a nudist at heart, so call before you come over 😂. 

Angel had fun at the gulley, letting her wild girl out. She climbed tress and was her monkey self. It was nice having Christopher join us, as he doesn’t often come. We only stayed out there a half hour before walking back to the house because I had to start getting ready to go to a board meeting for The Kay Theater and I had skit practice after that. 

When we arrived back, I made a big delicious salad. It was one of the best salads I’d had in a long time. It had romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, red onion, tofu and avocado. I made a dressing with sesame oil, tahini, fresh lemon juice and my homemade hot pepper powder. I brought my salad out to the bath that Christopher had ready and ate it while I bathed. The salad was so yummy and the bath water was deliciously warm, I was blissed out, eating and soaking. 

After my bath, I got ready to leave and headed to town. I arrived at the meeting and we got started right on time. The meeting dragged on and on and I started to feel tired and get a headache again. So much off topic chit chat and repeating things. I wasn’t sure how I would make it through skit practice if this meeting ever ended. The meeting finally ended after an hour and a half and somehow I made it through skit practice, which only lasted a half hour, thankfully. Now I need to practice, practice, practice getting it memorized because I have 7 days until our performance. We are performing it on Valentine’s Day at the new Moon Brew coffee shop on its soft opening day. 

I arrived home at 8:30 p.m. Christopher and Angel were already in bed. I went to the banana hut and noticed our cat Fluffy under the bench on my porch. She had been missing a couple of days and I was glad to see her. I picked her up and could tell immediately that something was wrong. I brought her in and offered some food but she wasn’t interested. She was acting lethargic and was floppy. I got into bed and held her in my arms for a while until she wanted out and curled up at the end of the bed. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with her but she definitely wasn’t feeling good. I would see how she was doing in the morning. I turned off the light and went to sleep at around 9:00 p.m. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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