Cleaning, Caretaking, Pet Sitting and a Park

January 4, 2023

I woke up at 1 a.m. I wrote my blog until 3 a.m. I woke up again at 5:30 a.m. I had a message that horse riding lessons were canceled today. That was great because it gave me an extra couple hours before I had to leave. I laid there meditating for a while and I received clarity on how incredible my life is. I make good money and am constantly thinking of ways to create more. I can take Angel and Little Bit with me everywhere. I travel, I have a great home life and loving husband. I have a lot of friends and my children and grandchildren are healthy and well. There is so much in my life to be thankful for. No one takes advantage of me unless I choose to feel taken advantage of. Everything is a gift, if I so choose to see it that way. 

I went in the house and snuggled with Christopher for a while. Angel came and snuggled with us and it was a warm cuddly happy family morning time. When Angel got squirmy, we got up and got ready for the day. I made tea and smoothies, then went to the banana hut to write my blog and change my bedding. I got caught up in writing my blog and wasn’t watching the time. Suddenly I realized that it was almost time to leave. I started rushing around but then stopped, realizing I had a flexible schedule today and could easily move things around to later in the day. I hung clothes on the line and started my bedding in the wash. I made up my bed really nice and was looking forward to sleeping in clean sheets. I have a fondness for clean sheets. Angel and I finishing packing our overnight bags. I had an overnight pet sitting job and we would not be coming back home to pack later. 

Since I had rearranged my schedule we had plenty of time to get to town and I drove the back way. My first stop was at my friend Rachele’s. Angel was staying there for a few hours to play with Rachele’s kids while I cleaned a house and took care of Ms. M. While I was there dropping off Angel, Rachele and I had a great conversation about clarity then we put together a field trip for the homeschool co-op next week. It was amazing how it all came together and fell into place. Rachele was saying that she thought visiting a blacksmith would be a good field trip and she had left a message with a blacksmith in Elgin but hasn’t heard back from him. She said there is a blacksmith in Rockdale that she saw once at the train depot but she didn’t know his name. I knew immediately how to find out who he was. I called a friend who’s a part of the train depot. She sent me to another friend who would know. That friend sent me to the blacksmiths wife. His wife was very excited about the idea and put it all together for us. Our field trip will be at the train depot, with the blacksmith there, plus a tour of the depot and then we can eat lunch in the old dining car. So wonderful!

The house I was cleaning was right down the road from Rachele’s. My client was there but left shortly after I arrived. I happily cleaned and the house looked great when I finished. Next, I went to take care of Ms. M. We decided to go for a drive in the country and check in on some dogs and goats I needed to feed today. I took the back roads there and Ms. M and I had a great time. We sang John Denver songs together and pointed out animals and things we saw out the windows. I checked on the dogs and goats and fed them. I think I might have finally made friends with the mean goat who tries to butt me from behind by giving him treats. On the way back to town, I picked up Angel. Ms. M was happy to see Angel. She really likes kids. 

I brought Ms. M home and headed to my overnight pet sitting job which was in Lexington. Angel and I listened to an audiobook on the drive. When we arrived, I checked on the animals and brought our overnight bags in. Then I took Angel to the park. She was excited to go to a different park in a different town. Right after we pulled up, a dad with his 2 kids pulled up next to us. It was 2 kids that go to our homeschool co-op. Angel was thrilled and they played together for a half hour or so until dark clouds moved in and the temperature started to drop. We ate supper at a pizza place in town. I ate the pizza toppings and left the crust 😂. 

Back at the pet sitting house, I fed the animals and got settled in. My phone kept me busy responding to a whole bunch of messages. Then Ms. M’s husband messaged me wanting me to spend one of my scheduled days next week cleaning. Now was the time to talk to him about keeping full house cleaning and caretaking separate with separate pay. I wrote out a well worded and well thought out response. I called his daughter and ran it by her before sending it. She filled me in on what their previous caretaker had done and it gave me some clarity on how to word things in an even clearer way. I sent him the message and he responded understandingly and resolved the situation. Yes! Yay! 

Angel took a bath and I finished up all my messages. Then I called Christopher and we shared about our day. When I got off the phone, I took a bath and got in bed with Angel. We listened to a sleep meditation and fell asleep around 9 p.m. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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