First Friday Coffee, Making Jelly and A Movie

December 1, 2023

I woke up from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. and wrote my blog. I woke up again at 6 a.m. I prayed my thanksgiving’s and gratitudes. 

Dear God,

Thank you for morning. I am grateful to be alive. 

Thank you for indoor bathrooms. I am grateful for the convenience. 

Thank you for Grace. I am grateful to be saved by Grace. 

Thank you for guidance. I am grateful to follow. 

Thank you for trees. I am grateful for their presence. 

Thank you for joy. I am grateful to feel its 


Thank you for libraries. I am grateful for books. 


I jumped 100 rebounder jumps and went into the kitchen to make my tea. Christopher and I said our good mornings. Our 4 year old grandson F has stayed the night and he was up and talking away. I made him some homemade hot chocolate with cacao and honey. Angel woke up and I made her some too. We all hung out in the kitchen talking until it was time for me to leave. I listened to uplifting music on the drive to town. When I arrived, I stopped at the grocery store to get some fruit. Next I got cat food and chicken scratch from the feed store and stopped to get a chai tea from Moon Brew. Then I went to the library to host First Friday coffee for The Kay Theater. 

At the library, other people helping me host had gotten almost everything set up already. Yay! People were slow in coming but eventually we had a good group of people show up and I enjoyed conversing with everyone. We have a great community of people in our small town and I love listening to them share about their lives.

When the event was over, we cleaned up and I drove to a clients house to pick up some gifts she had for Angel. Then I went to the store to get personalized Christmas cards and a couple of personalized calendars made for the holidays. I did it all at a kiosk and ran into issues getting our family photo to fit on the Christmas cards without cutting off the top of our heads. I finally got it right. Then I did a calendar with random family pictures throughout it. I chose all the pictures and put them all on the different months. I was getting ready to finalize it when I realized the calendar was the wrong year and I couldn’t change it without completely starting over. I felt myself getting frustrated and my body tensing up. I took a deep breath and the Holy Spirit reminded me to be at peace with what is. I was already running behind on getting home to meet a friend coming over. So I tabled making the calendar for another day and headed home. 

At home, I talked with Christopher and got ready for my friend to arrive. When she got there with her 2 boys, the kids all ran off to the playhouse to play together. We got started canning blackberry and raspberry jelly. We had a great time. We ran the berries through the juicer to remove most of the seeds. We sweetened the jelly with honey instead of sugar and about halfway through we realized we were going to run out of pectin. I drove to the store to get some pectin, while my friend stayed and kept the process going. We made a whole bunch of jelly (which I didn’t remember to take pictures of) and it took us 5 hours. We finished a little bit after 6 p.m. and all headed to town with the kids to watch 101 Dalmatians at The Kay Theater. I had brought Little Bit with me and he kept barking when the dogs on the movie barked. I took him out for a walk and visited with people at The Eastbell Taphouse next door until the movie was over. My daughter and son-in-love came and met us at the theater to take my grandson home. I said goodbye to everyone and we all headed out to our respective homes. Angel and I listened to The Boxcar Children on the drive. 

At home, we took a quick bath and went straight to bed. I jumped 100 rebounder jumps before pulling out the trundle bed for Angel. We snuggled up in our beds and fell asleep around 9:30 p.m. listening to The Boxcar Children. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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