Singing and more Singing

November 19, 2023

At 2:30 a.m. I woke up to use the bathroom. I felt rested since I had gone to bed just after 7 p.m. I wrote my blog and listened to the foxes yipping far out in the woods. It’s a peaceful energy at this time in the morning. The highway is quiet and most people are asleep. Around 5 a.m. I did a full body relaxation session and drifted into a light sleep for about an hour or so until it started to get light. I got up and let the yorkies out to use the bathroom. I brought them in the house and made some tea. Angel came in and ate breakfast. I started a bath and talked with Christopher and Angel while it filled up. 

I talked to my mom while I soaked in the tub. We had a good conversation about God providing us with everything we need. After my refreshing bath, I got ready for church. I made a big green salad for an after church potluck. Angel got herself ready to go and after putting the yorkies in their kennels we headed out. We arrived 15 minutes early which was the perfect amount of time to drop off the salad and visit with people before the service started. I was singing during the special music and right before it was time for me to sing I had to urgently go to the bathroom. Not just pee but poop and it wasn’t going to wait. I whispered to my situation to the pianist on the way to the bathroom. Thankfully it was quick in the bathroom. I could hear the pianist playing an extra long time to cover for me. I thanked her as I darted by and ran up on stage. I smiled and started the music, I was out of breath from running back from the bathroom and could barely sing through the first verse before I got my breath regulated. I was grateful I was in front of our church audience as they are forgiving of singing blunders. We had a guest pastor speak and the sermon about sowing and reaping was fantastic. Another message to focus on what I do want rather than what I don’t want. At the after church potluck, I enjoyed good conversations and connections. There were quite a few kids there for Angel to play with and they were all having a lot of fun playing together. 

Back at home, Angel got mad at our dogs for getting into her outside toys. She was hollering and crying. I had her calm down in her room, after she calmed down we had a talk about anger and keeping things where the dogs can’t get them. She went off to play and I took an hour nap with Little Bit and the 3 yorkies. It was nice being cuddled up with 4 little dogs and I slept deeply. When I woke up, I put the yorkies in the fenced in area and went for a walk in the woods with our dogs. It was a good walk, the weather was perfect and the dogs had fun. I’m really enjoying walking in the woods everyday. I committed to doing it daily all of November and I only missed one day so far and that was Thursday. On that day I left at 7 a.m. and didn’t get home until 8:30 p.m. I will do 2 walks in a day before the end of the month to make up for the missed day. 

When I woke up, I sat outside and wrote my blog and talked with Christopher until it was time to leave to go clean an office building and meet with the community band to practice singing the song I’m performing during Christmas at the Kay on December 3rd. Christopher and I had a good talk about building a roof over the porch in front of the banana hut. I have a list of supplies to buy and plan on building it with Christopher during my 4 days off at the end of the week. It will be nice having a covered porch to sit on. While we talked Angel asked us to look at a mud wall she is building in front of her playhouse. She explained she was building it and that child has some ingrained engineering skills. It definitely comes natural for her. 

I headed to town leaving Christopher in charge of Angel and the dogs. It was peaceful cleaning. I had a conversation with a friend on the phone and then listened to uplifting music while I enjoyed making everything sparkling clean. I even did the outside windows which really needed a good cleaning. When I finished, I had some time before meeting with the community band. I went to the store and bought a few groceries and got done right on time to meet with the band. 

The practice went great. I’m glad I’m getting a chance to practice with the band a couple of times before the performance because I was missing my cue to come in here and there. By the end of practice I had it down pretty good. Next week I’ll have it down even better and the next week will be the official performance. 

I was feeling tired when I made it home at a little after 8 p.m. I unloaded groceries, got the yorkies put in their kennel for the night, said good night to Angel and Christopher and went in the banana hut. The banana hut needed some tidying up. I put away the trundle bed and swept the floor. I did 100 jumps on the rebounder and went to bed. I wrote my blog and went to sleep around 10 p.m. 

I am grateful for dogs. 

I am grateful for singing. 

I am grateful for church. 

I am grateful for family. 

I am grateful for walks. 

I am grateful for bathrooms. 😁

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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