My Angel Diary: Going to Church

Dear Angel,     

Yesterday we went to church. We had stayed up late the night before at Renate’s. You woke up  late and were surly. Your potatoes weren’t salty enough, your eggs didn’t have enough honey (yes, you eat honey on your eggs). You said you didn’t want to go to church. I said we are going and either you could pick out your dress or I would. You didn’t respond. I picked out your dress and you didn’t like it, so you put it back and picked out your favorite red and black fancy dress. I helped you put it on. You waited out in the car with the door open while I finish getting ready. It took a while but I finally came out and we drove to church. You close the gate when we left, your sister Savana had left it open for us.     

At church you didn’t want to sit up front where I chose. Last week you chose where we sat, this week I chose. I started talking to people, you asked to play in the playroom. I said yes, you went and played. The church bell rang shortly after. You unhappily came and sat down. Church started and you jumped up and started dancing all around. I told you to sit back down. You said you wanted to dance. I said you could dance when there was music playing. You grabbed a blanket from the back of the chair. You laid it out and rolled up in it. You laid it out again and made it into a dog bed. Then the music started and you danced. When it was over you went back to your dog bed.     

When it was time for children’s church you sat upfront with two other kids that were four and five years old. The girl was four and she sat next to you. You asked her if she wanted to hold hands and she did. You started holding hands. Then you perked right up and started cooperating. The teacher asked what was real and what wasn’t real. You said dogs are real, then you said cats are real, then you said rabbits are real. Then you were taught how God is real because you can feel love and God is love. Then we all sang “Jesus loves me”.     

After children’s church you played in the nursery with the other kids. You had fun getting to play and said you were glad we went to church on the drive home. At home sitting in the kitchen you said you were going to have five girls when you grew up. You said if you accidentally had a boy you would name him Christopher.   

 I love you! 
Love, Mom

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