Day 2 of Our Road Trip To Utah and Idaho. Plus day 7 of Eating 18 Bananas a Day.

Dear Diary and Friends,

I woke up at 7am. I slept really good after driving all day yesterday. I had a very satisfactory morning elimination, otherwise known as poop. All these bananas are doing wonders for my digestive system.

I did a guided meditation and yoga. It was a wonderful session and I realized during it that I am living the life of my dreams. That was a fun realization. After meditation I made banana smoothies using 18 bananas total, a bunch of spinach and some RO water. I put them in their containers. Then I cut up 4 mangos for Angel’s breakfast and drank 16oz. of lemon water.

Angel finally woke up and we went in the house. We are visiting Angel’s paternal grandma and aunt. It is great here. I have my RV parked in the driveway plugged in and I’m in official RV vacation mode.

Angel ate her mangos for breakfast, I ate some peaches, then we went on a walk. On the walk I did a mental health coaching session on the phone. The session and the walk were amazing. It is so beautiful in this little town of Collinsville, OK. At the end of our walk we stopped and ate mulberries from a tree I found.

Back at the house Angel’s aunt Kim arrived. Angel watched cartoons with her grandma while Kim took me to the hardware store to get some parts for some minor RV repairs.

The hardware store was great fun. There was a friendly older man helping me and we did some great brain storming and problem solving together. Hardware stores are my favorite. When we arrived back at the house Kim needed to leave for work. We said our goodbyes since we wouldn’t see her again before we leave tomorrow.

I got started on the RV repairs. I started with the biggest one which was, whenever I turned the water pump on, water would spray out of the hose connection on the outside of the RV. I bought something up screw into the hose connection with a screw on cap at the end. I put it on, turned the pump on and water still sprayed out of the side of the cap no matter how tight I got it. So I turned off the pump and unscrewed the piece with the cap on it. I turned on the pump again, water of course still sprayed out of the hose connection. I poked my finger in the hole to push back this spring that wasn’t sealing correctly. When I let go it must have fallen into the right spot because water stopped spraying out of the hole. Nice! Fixed! Lol

The next project I did was re-do my bike rack and hang it differently. Before, the bicycle was sideways and sticking out from the side of the RV a couple of feet. I didn’t want to have to be concerned about leaving enough space when driving and parking to compensate for the bicycle sticking out. So I re did it and it feels much better now.

The last repair was putting tighter bolts on the front license plate. That one was quick and easy. By the time I was finished I was hungry and I drank my first 64oz banana smoothie. It took me a half hour or so. I had a very good 2nd bm of the day after I finished.

Angel, Carolyn her Grandma and myself walked a few blocks to the city park. Angel played in the splash pad and playground. It was very nice and relaxing.

Our the way home from the park we picked more mulberries. Angel shared with her grandma.

Angel watched some more cartoons with her grandma. I went in the RV, I drank half of my 2nd 64oz. banana smoothie and took a nap. It was a lovely nap. When I woke up I drank the other half of my smoothie. Yay, 18 bananas done for the day!

I went in the house and cut up a watermelon to take on the road tomorrow. Tomorrow we are heading to Colorado and it will be a 10 1/2 hour drive. We will see if Angel and I can do it in one day. After cutting up the very ripe and delicious watermelon and putting it in containers, I went on the back porch sunroom with Angel. Angel played with dolls and I read for an hour or so.

Evening was coming on and it was so nice out I went on another walk. Angel stayed with her grandma. It was a blissful evening walk. I walked for a good hour and a half. I was mesmerized by the beauty of everything and was completely present in the moment.

When I arrived back at the house, I put Angel to bed, started laundry and wrote my blog. It was a lovely day and I am grateful.

Thank y’all for being a part of my life. I appreciate you.

With love and gratitude,


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