Blissfully Disconnected

Yesterday I went on a walk with my clients dog Charlie. It was a beautiful 75 degree day. The sun was shining bright. Often I am filled with joy and completely present when I’m on a walk, especially when the weather is nice. I couldn’t find that place within myself yesterday. My mind was busy thinking about who knows what. My body felt tired. Some days are like that and it’s ok. I allowed myself to be at peace with where I was at and let go resistance. I used to think I needed to change, to be better, to force myself into a blissful state of enlightenment. Which makes me laugh, of course enlightenment can’t be forced. I used to think that if I couldn’t feel at peace and present at all times that I was failing in some way. After all Eckhart Tolle can do it right? Well maybe he can and maybe he can’t, does it matter? What’s important is not comparing myself to others but rather just accepting myself as I am. A imperfectly perfect human who feels blissful sometimes and feels heavily disconnected sometimes. Esta bien. It’s all good.

I am grateful for walks.

I am grateful for good movies.

I am grateful for sunshine.

I am grateful for mornings.

I am grateful for Nick.

I am grateful for the color blue.

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