A Visitor in My Dream

Last night my dad visited my dream. It’s always so nice to talk to him. I feel him with me often as I go about my life, usually I feel him the strongest when I am struggling. He’s always right there cheering me on. My dad was always there for me when he was alive. I’ve found that hasn’t changed after his death. He’s been gone physically since March 4, 2011 but spiritually he is very much alive and I love when he visits my dreams.

In my dream we were at a wedding. The part I remember clearly: I was standing in the back of the church and everyone stood up as the bride walked down the aisle. I wasn’t paying attention to the bride. I was looking at the audience trying to find my dad. I knew he was there, I could feel him. When everyone sat down again I saw him. He was still standing, talking and laughing with the person next to him. He realized it was time to sit down and laughed about missing the queue as he joined the rest of the audience in sitting. As I watched him my heart was filled with joy. He was such a happy person and he could get me laughing so hard I would be rolling on the ground in tears. It was wonderful to see his smile again. I said to myself, “he’s come back to visit again”, and I was filled with gratitude. I knew I was dreaming and I was thrilled he had visited me in my dreams once again. Then I woke and my heart was happy.

I am grateful for my dad.

I am grateful for dreams.

I am grateful for meditation.

I am grateful for birds singing.

I am grateful for spring.

I am grateful for Nick.

I am grateful for the color yellow.

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

With love and gratitude,


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