Our Day

Dear Diary and Friends, I woke up at 7am. I had slept really well. Angel woke up at the same time. I opened up the blinds throughout the house to let in the morning light then I made a banana, spinach, almond milk and coconut water smoothie and then a pineapple blended with fresh oj smoothie with Angel’s help. Angel drank her green smoothie and played with Oliver (who I am pet sitting).

I did my morning breathing of noticing different parts of my body on my in breath, then smiling at each one on the out breath. That takes about 15 minutes. Then I took a long luxurious shower, put on coconut oil and got dressed. I noticed I was going to have to hurry in order to be on time for work. It was a new cleaning client and I wanted to be on time. I got Angel dressed and did her hair. I found myself getting frustrated with her because I was in a hurry and she was being a carefree 3 year old. I took a quick walk around the perimeter of my yard so I could breath and focus on what was truth, rather than time. I felt grounded again and got Angel in the car. As I was getting ready to leave my roommate pulled up and started talking to me about house stuff. I felt the frustration of lack of time come up again. I briskly told him I was late and had to go.

On the 15 minute drive to work that I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and remembered that all things are perfectly timed. I arrived at work 10 minutes late and all was well. I enjoyed cleaning and talking with my new client for 4 hours. She gave me some really nice pictures, clothes and a lamp. Which I was very grateful for. Angel drank a lot of smoothie (at least 32oz, hungry girl!), played with her leappad and read books while I cleaned. I had 16oz. of the last of the smoothie and was still quite hungry. I was thinking of that nice pineapple and oj smoothie at home that I didn’t bring with me. I looked forward to having some.

After work I went to the post office to see why I wasn’t receiving any mail after I changed my address. They said it all went through but can take up to a week to start receiving mail. Ok great! I picked up the church mail while I was there and dropped it off at the church on my way to my old house to get a load of stuff to take to the new house. I loaded up the car and talked to my roommate some. Then I headed to the new house. I enjoyed the scenery on the drive.

At the new house, I unloaded the car and feasted on the pineapple oj smoothie. It hit the spot! So yummy! I drank 32oz. Angel wanted more smoothie too but doesn’t like the oj smoothies. So we made a banana, blueberry, almond milk smoothie together. Angel enjoyed that one very much!

I decided it would be fun to do a new house video to share. So I did that and you can see it here: https://youtu.be/o3GvnVNqcks

Then I decided to relax in the hammock and see if I could find renters to move into the old house when we are moved out on January 15th. I messaged the landlords and they were very happy to have me do that and to pay a finders fee. I posted pictures and put it in the local buy, sell, trade groups on facebook. Within 5 minutes I was bombarded with messages. The first responders wanted to see the place, so I called my roommate who is still staying at the old house and he said to send them on over. They looked at the place and wanted it. I put them in touch with the landlord. They got the place and will be moving in January 15th. All accomplished within an hour. That felt good!

Angel and I relaxed the rest of the evening. We watched a fairy movie, made a big said together and ate it together. Then Angel took a long bath and I took a shower with her at the end of the bath. I did yoga and stretching while Angel played with Oliver.

Then it was hammock time and lights out at 8:30pm. Yay! Early bedtime. We both fell asleep right away.

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

With love and gratitude,


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