$10 Vitamix and Packing to Leave

Tuesday May 7, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 4 am and wrote my blog until 8 am. Wow! That took a long time. I prayed my thanksgivings:

  • Thank you for a happy loving family. 
  • Thank you for my love of writing.
  • Thank you for peaceful rainy mornings. 

I attempted to go back to sleep. I laid there for a half hour before deciding to get up. I stripped all the bedding off of my bed and brought it downstairs to get washed. Trish was awake and up and about. Angel was still asleep on the couch. I switched the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer and started a load of bedding in the wash. I brought Trish her breakfast and made two 64 oz. jars of fresh almond milk to have for my travels home. I made a 64 oz. smoothie with 7 bananas, 4 strawberries, almond milk and cherry juice. 

Angel got up and was zoning out on her phone in the bedroom with Trish. I went in there and announced it was time for school. Angel didn’t look happy about my announcement. I grabbed her school book and sat next to her in bed. I moved the hospital table in front of us and had her  start on her schoolwork. I let her pick out the pages in her school book that she wanted to do as long as it was 9 pages. The minimum amount she is required to do daily. She liked being able to chose and chose pages all over in her school book. Giving her the freedom to choose the pages seemed to help her stay focused and she did a good job. She also gets a break every 3 pages and she’s liking that too. 

After her last break, she finished her last 3 pages sitting at the dining room table. I started a new puzzle while I was waiting for her to finish up. I sorted all the pieces and separated the edge pieces from all the other pieces. Angel finished her schoolwork and helped me sort puzzle pieces. After I got the pieces all sorted, I switched the laundry and decided to walk to the thrift store for the fun of it. Angel stayed with Trish and they were back in the bedroom watching TV and playing on their phones. Trish likes having Angel lay in bed with her so she’s not alone in there. Trish still has to rest a lot with her leg elevated as she continues to recover from surgery. Angel likes to lay in bed with Trish too because she can spend hours staring at her phone or the TV. 

I didn’t plan on buying anything at the thrift store. I just went because it was something to do to get me out of the house. I walked over there and started looking around. I was still looking for a waffle maker for Angel but since they didn’t have one when I looked the other day, I doubted that they had one today. I didn’t see one but when I looked on the top shelf in the kitchen supply area, there was a vitamix blender with a $10 price tag on it. Wow! Someone donated a vitamix in this small mountain town. Wow and more wows. I took it off of the shelf and asked if I could plug it in to see if it worked. The lady working there said, “of course”. There was a plug right next to me and the vitamix ran perfectly. Sold! I made a plan to ask Trish if I could store it at her house along with the Breville juicer. Then I could use them when I came to visit and I wouldn’t have to bring a vitamix with me. 

I was so happy I had found a vitamix for $10. I looked around the store thinking I might find some other treasures and I did. I got a new in the box Brothers sewing machine for $20. Yay! My sewing machine at home wasn’t working very well, it kept missing stitches and now I had a new one. The sewing machine would definitely go home with me and not stay at Trish’s. I purchased my new found treasures and asked if they could keep them there for me while I went to get my truck. They were happy to hold them for me. 

I walked the one block to Trish’s, got my truck, drove to the thrift store and loaded up my treasures. At Trish’s, I left the sewing machine in the truck and brought the vitamix inside. I happily told Trish what I had found and asked about keeping the vitamix there along with the Breville juicer. Trish said there was a cupboard above the fridge that was empty and I was welcome to store everything in there. Yay! I got a ladder and looked in the cupboard. It looked like everything would fit. 

I got out the Breville juicer and juiced a bunch of apples. In the middle of juicing I saw I would need more apples to make enough to fill up two 64 oz. jars. I walked to the store and bought more apples and then continued with juicing. I ended up making a mess while juicing and got juice everywhere. Trisha’s kitchen floor got mopped in the process of cleaning it all up and that was a good thing. The Breville juicer is ok but the NamaJ2 I have at home is far superior in my opinion. With the namaj2, the pulp comes out drier and I get more juice. Plus, the Breville made a mess when it got clogged. Regardless, I’m still grateful to have a decent juicer to use when I’m visiting my sister. 

I put the juicer in the dishwasher and started it washing. When it’s done washing, I will put it in my cupboard. I got up on a ladder and cleaned the cupboard and cleaned the top of the fridge while I was up there. Some of Trish’s vitamin bottles sitting on top of the fridge fell over and rolled behind it. I pulled out the fridge to retrieve them and I did a good cleaning back there while I was at it.

I went outside and cleaned out the truck to get it ready for our travels tomorrow. I checked all the fluids and added windshield wiper fluid. One of the tires was low and I put air in it with my plug in air pump. Then I went in the house and got Angel out of the bedroom to go on a bicycle ride. It was sunny and beautiful out and looked to be a good evening for a ride. We started out and soon realized that there was a strong ice cold wind blowing. We rode to the Weiser trail and went down it with the wind at our backs until we reached the place where the pavement changed to gravel. When we turned around, the wind was head on and it was really cold and intense. We were really cold by the time we reached Trish’s. We parked our bicycles in back where Trisha said we could store them and I put our helmets in the garage. 

We went in the house to warm up and I put the last load of laundry in the dryer. I unloaded the dishwasher and put my juicer in my cupboard. The vitamix and juicer barely fit but they were both in there and would be waiting for me when I came back to visit again. Angel and I packed our suitcases and got things ready to go. When the last of the bedding was dry, I made the beds upstairs and made sure it was nice and clean up there. 

All three of us sat around the table and worked on the puzzle. I ate a big salad and we listened to an audiobook that Trish wanted me to hear called The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser. Missy called and said that her and Maya decided to not stay the night and will be arriving in the morning to take over caring for Trish. On a whim, I got out my harmonica and played a song for Trish. Bits sang along with me. Trish thought that was funny and took a video of us to post on Facebook.

Angel took a bath while Trish and I continued to work on the puzzle. When Angel got out, her and Trish cuddled on the bed in the bedroom and played on their phones. I continued to work on the puzzle for a while, then I took a bath. When I got out, I joined the cuddle party on the bed and we all watched The Apple Dumpling Gang. I wrote my blog while we watched the movie. When the movie was over, Angel slept on the couch and I slept with Trish so we wouldn’t mess up the clean bedding on the beds upstairs. Trish and I fell asleep listening to her audiobook at around 11 pm. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P.S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

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