Cleaning, Pet Sitting and Our Missing Cat Returns

Friday April 5, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 6 AM. This is the 4th night I’ve slept all the way through the night. I still felt like I could sleep more but it was time to get up. I made my bed, let out the chickens, geese and ducks and went into the house. I made my tea and smoothies, got dressed and headed out. Angel stayed home with Christopher since he didn’t had to work. I had 4 houses to clean today and one pet sitting job. I was feeling grateful for all the opportunities I receive to create good income. 

My first house was right down the road from me and I arrived at 7 AM. Little Bit is allowed to come in this house and while I cleaned, he had fun running around and going outside to play with their big dogs. When I finished, I took the back roads to my pet sitting job. This was a drop in pet/house sitting job, feeding the outside cat named KitKat and watering the plants. The cat is slightly cross eyed and is really cute. She’s wild and will not let anyone pet her but followed me around while I watered the outside plants and I talked to her. Little Bit kept barking at her, so he had to go back in the truck and wait for me. 

While cleaning my 2nd house, I received a text message from the home health care company I am employed with for taking care of Ms. M. They hadn’t received my time sheet for the last pay period. I had only worked one day during that time because I went to Utah to help my son and daughter-in-love. I realized I hadn’t filled out a time sheet because Ms. M’s husband had picked her up from me that day and I had left town right after that. I had left myself a 45 minute time slot in the middle of the day for lunch. I could use that time to get the time sheet filled out. I called Ms. M’s husband and he said they were home and I could stop by. When I finished cleaning I headed to Ms. M’s house, on the way I stopped at Moon Brew real quick to get a tea. When I walked in the door several of my friends were there. It was great to see them and I ended up talking with them for a half hour and now I was behind schedule. It was worth it! I drove to Ms. M’s and filled out the time sheet and sent in a picture of it. 

I was a half hour late for both of my last 2 houses but they were fine with it. My clients know that I can’t always arrive exactly on time because sometimes cleaning takes longer than expected or sometimes I stop at Moon Brew and talk to people for too long 😂. While cleaning my last house, I went out to my truck to check on Little Bit. It had gotten warm out and I wanted to make sure he wasn’t too hot. I had parked in the shade and left all the windows down in the truck plus it was really windy out so I figured he would be fine but I wanted to double check. It was nice and cool in the truck when I checked the temperature. I looked in the front of the truck for Little Bit but didn’t see him. So I looked in the back seat and still didn’t see him. Then I saw him on the floor in front of the back seat chewing up one of my water shoes. He didn’t see me there and was happily chewing away. I sternly said, “Little Bit”! He looked up and saw me, put his ears back and scooted himself underneath the seat. He knew he was being a bad boy, he has an abundance of chew toys in the truck but I guess my shoe looked too inviting to resist. I moved the shoes and told him to behave himself. 

When I finished my last house, I met with a lady and her dog Solo, to see if I would be able to board Solo the next weekend. I wanted to meet the dog before hand because I’ll only board friendly dogs that I have a good feeling about. The lady had shared with me some of Solo’s history and previous issues and I wasn’t sure if he would be a dog I was willing to take on. When I met Solo he took right to me and we had good eye contact. I talked with him and had him sit. He was very responsive to me and I immediately knew he was a dog I could manage and agreed to board him.

I arrived home at around 6 PM. Christopher was out in the woods hanging out with his friends. He had Angel with him and brought her home to me shortly after I got there. Angel and Christopher told me that one of our farm cats that had disappeared came back today. His name is Moe and he had been gone a while. I figured a coyote or fox had gotten him but now he was back. I was glad to hear that he was back. We were down to one cat since Fluffy got ran over. Now we had 2 cats again. Moe and Angel followed me around while I did chores. I got the laundry off the line and put it away, then I gave the ducks and geese clean water in their pools. Angel got tired of following me around and climbed to the top of an elm tree. She is an amazing climber and sometimes I get nervous about how high she climbs but I’m not going to stop her from doing it. I just remind her to be smart about it.

After eating dinner, Angel and I took a bath and went to bed. I read aloud 2 chapters of The National Park Mystery Series book 3. Then we went to sleep around 10 PM listening to a Bobbsey Twinsaudiobook. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you.



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirt. 

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