Easy Day of Exploration and Rest

Friday, March 22, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 5:30 AM and wrote my blog until 6:30 AM. The pop-up camper was cold. We had a little space heater during the night but I will definitely need to hook up propane for the next four nights. The night are going to be even colder. I went in the house to use the bathroom and my daughter-in-love was up letting the dogs out, but said she was going back to bed until her alarm went off. Everyone else was still asleep so I went back out to the pop-up camper and wrote my blog some more. At 7:30 AM Angel woke up and right after that I heard Bri and my granddaughter Alex walking out to their car. I went out and said goodbye to them and told Alex that I would be picking her up from school, she has half days on Fridays. 

Angel and I went into the house, and my grandson Sam was awake. I fed the kids oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and got them started doing their schoolwork. Then I made pineapple juice using the juicer I had bought from the thrift store. It didn’t work out having a bowl underneath where the pulp came out because the pulp splattered and ended up going all over the wall behind the bowl. Since I bought the juicer used, it was missing the container that fit tightly underneath where the pulp came out. I came up with a solution by having the juicer right next to the sink, and when the pulp came out, it would fly into the sink. I put up a cookie sheet to block the pulp from splattering outside of the sink. That system actually worked really well and since the pulp fell directly into the sink I could just run it down garbage disposal. I made two smoothies with the juice that I made and put them in my 64 ounce jars. I started vacuuming the kitchen, but the vacuum suddenly stopped working. By then, my son Shawn had gotten up to start working from home. I made him breakfast and cleaned the filters in the vacuum thinking that was probably why it overheated. The filters were not very dirty, so it had to be something else that caused it to overheat. I did laundry and folded a bunch of clothes waiting for the vacuum to cool down. After a while, it started up again and I continued to search for the cause of it overheating. When I went to pull out the hose to suck up something in the corner. Shawn told me that the hose didn’t suck anything up anymore. Ah ha! That was probably the cause. I took the hose off and found something that I could stick in it to push whatever was stuck in there out. There was a big bunch of something definitely stuck in there and it took me a while to get it all out. It ended up being a big humongous dog hairball mixed with styrofoam. Feeling accomplished I continued to vacuum until Shawn told me that he needed it quiet because he was about to do a phone call for work. I sent the kids outside to play and folded laundry. 

Around 11:00 AM. I left to do some shopping and go pick up Alex from school. I went to the farm store and the grocery store. I still had about 45 minutes before I had to pick up Alex, so I drove around town looking at houses and different businesses and had a really fun time doing it. I picked up Alex right on time and headed back to the house, I thought I was going to be taking a shortcut, but I ended up running into a dead end so I took another shortcut that ended up as a dead end and I took a third shortcut that ended up as a dead end. I thought that was all great  fun and Alex didn’t seem to mind. I could have used google maps but I was enjoying exploring. I finally ended up going back the way I knew and we finally made it home.

I was feeling tired and told Shawn I was going lay down and take a nap. The kids were playing happily, so I went out to the pop-up camper and laid down. I called Christopher and talk to him a while and then wrote my blog and then laid there relaxing for a while, but never did fall asleep. When I came back in the house I sat and talked with Shawn for an hour or so before starting dinner.

I made dinner for everyone and I had a big salad. Bri got home from work late and had already eaten. We all hung out and talked a while. The kids took a bath together and when they were finished, I took a shower. Angel and I said our good nights, went out to the pop-camper and went to bed. Angel fell asleep around 10 PM and I stayed up later playing around on my phone until 11 PM. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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