Facing Frustration, Story Time, New Heater

January 10, 2024

I woke up at 1:30 a.m. I put on a guided meditation by Joe Dispenza and fell back asleep around 3:30 a.m. I awoke again at 5:30 a.m. I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for my children. Thank you! 
  • I am grateful for mornings. Thank you! 
  • I am grateful for wisdom. Thank you! 
  • I am grateful for health. Thank you! 

Angel woke up and Little Bit was excited about that and jumped all over. We made our beds and went into the house. I greeted Christopher, made tea and a smoothie. Angel got ready to go with me and we left right on time. 

At my first cleaning opportunity, my clients were home. We talked some while I cleaned and Angel did her schoolwork. As I was almost finished, I received a phone call that I’d been waiting almost a week for from the home health care owner. My hours for taking care of Ms. M kept getting rejected on their system and I needed to know why so I could do it correctly. I had texted and called several times and had not gotten a response. I had been feeling frustrated about that but then I faced my frustration and asked why it had appeared. Fear had brought it forward, the fear of not getting paid. A thought came up, “the company is giving me the run around so they can keep the insurance money and then continue to find excuses not to pay me”. Wow, that thought was out of nowhere. Where did that come from? I asked myself if I would care for Ms. M for free. My answer was, “yes, definitely”. Then I asked myself, “who are you scamming?”. My answer was, “myself by focusing on what I don’t want and stepping out of faith”. I rested in faith and decided it was all as it was supposed to be. Now I was getting a call back and the owner talked me through how to enter my hours. I made the necessary corrections and sent them again. I was grateful to get clarity on how to enter my hours and thanked the owner for getting back to me. 

When I finished cleaning we went and picked up Ms. M and we went to the library for story time. After the stories were read and the kids were playing Angel wanted to tell all the littler kids a story. The parents sat the kids down and Angel told them a story from the Land Before Time. I could tell she was nervous because she kept twisting her hair and stuttering a little but she really wanted to do it and stuck to it. I enjoyed watching determination and strength. Ms. M loved story time, she watched the kids and smiled and laughed the whole time. I am so glad it is working out having her along.  

After story time was over, we went to the Rockdale Reporter to deliver papers. The papers weren’t there yet so we visited with friends that work there. Ms. M sat on the floor playing with Little Bit and the office cats. Angel got her leap pad out of the truck and started playing it. When the papers arrived, Ms. M and I left to deliver them and Angel stayed to hang out with Suzie up front. I put on a John Denver music station for Ms. M to listen to. I discovered that she likes John Denver songs and we sing them together which is so much fun. It’s been awhile since I’ve had someone to hang out with that will sing fun songs with me. Ms. M and I are a good fit. The paper route went good. I got to say hi to some friends along the route and bought a chai latte when I stopped at the bookstore. When I finished, I picked up Angel and took Ms. M home. 

I drove to clean another house. My clients were there and I enjoyed talking with them. Angel watched old cartoons on their TV, like Popeye (he knew that spinach has protein 😁) and Looney Tunes. I happily cleaned and got their house sparkling clean. 

When I finished, we had 2 hours before Bible study at the Cowboy church. If I drove home we would only be there an hour before driving back to town. I was really hungry and decided we would eat in town, go to Bible study and go home after. I chose to eat at a Mexican restaurant I don’t usually go to but I knew that had quarter machines that Angel likes to play. I ordered a spinach enchilada with no meat or cheese. When it arrived I took 4 bites before my body said no. My stomach cramped up and I felt like I was going to throw up. I told Angel my stomach hurt and we needed to go home and would miss Bible study. I paid for our food and headed straight home. As soon as we arrived, I threw up and instantly felt better. My new oil heater had arrived that I had ordered. I set it up in the banana hut and turned it on. Angel and I got ready for bed and fell asleep around 8 p.m. listing to The Magicians Nephew.

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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