Church, Friends and Rehoming Chance

January 7, 2024

I woke up at 11 p.m. I goofed around on my phone until 1 p.m. I was having yucky thoughts, stinking thinking about my life and feeling stuck. I knew that, I am stuck only if I choose to be stuck, it’s all perspective. I forced myself to change the channel in my mind, I wanted to hash over my stinking thoughts but I knew they would not serve my greater good and put on a meditation on joy and abundance and fell back asleep. I woke again at 5:30 a.m. my mind was clear and my thoughts were light again. I was grateful for the ability to know how to access the tools needed to shift my thinking. It’s good practice to do it when I am not in an emotionally charged state. 

I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes. 

  • I am grateful for an abundance of money. Thank you! 
  • I am grateful for health. Thank you! 
  • I am grateful for our dogs. Thank you! 
  • I am grateful for warm winter days. Thank you! 

I started writing my blog. I felt wonderful and at peace. Angel woke up and played with the dogs and the cat Fluffy while I wrote my blog. When I finished, we made our beds and went into the house. I greeted Christopher and made tea (3 kinds…detox tea, chai tea and yaupon tea; detox tea and chai tea are loose leaf tea from, the yaupon tea I made myself by harvesting the yaupon leaves and blackening them on a flat cast iron skillet). I drank the detox tea right away and put the other 2 teas in to-go mugs. Later on, I made a 64 oz. banana, cherry juice, pineapple juice, cacao, romaine and almond milk smoothie. I drink my smoothie throughout the day for breakfast and lunch. It keeps my blood sugar levels even and my energy high. If I eat a heavy meal for breakfast or lunch, I feel sluggish and spend the rest of the day feeling like I have to force my body to move. When I eat high energy light food in small amounts throughout the day I feel like my energy is endless, I feel young and vibrant with a sharp clear mind. Best of all, my body has no inflammation and has no pain when I eat a sunlight diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. I am grateful I was shown by the Holy Spirit 18 years ago what food makes me feel healthy and alive because I was sick and in pain all the time before that. I went from suffering all the time to feeling amazing. What a beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, delightful gift. 

Angel and I left for church and arrived a few minutes early so we would have time to chat with people before the service started. It was wonderful seeing everyone and I felt very happy and peaceful. I enjoyed the service, the singing was great and the sermon reminded me to be aware of where I put my focus. After church, I dropped Angel off at home and left to go look at some doors and other building and roofing materials that a friend has on their land. I got a small door that will work perfect for the lean to bathroom I’m going to build. I also got a long metal gate that we can use for one of the animal pens. I left there and drove to a place up the road to look at some plywood for sale. I looked at the plywood, it was not in good condition and I did not buy any. 

I drove to town to meet up with my friend Kim at the Eastbell Taphouse. It was great to see her and while we were talking she mentioned that her husband was looking to get a dog and was thinking of a hound dog or a heeler. I excitedly told her about Chance and how I’d been training him. I had prayed a while ago for a good new home for him when he wasn’t working out. Since then I’ve been training him to be a good farm dog and waiting to see what happens. She liked the look of him and sent pictures to her husband. When it was time to go, we decided I would go get Chance and bring him to meet her husband. I drove home, Christopher unloaded the gate and door I had gotten and I got Chance loaded up with all of his stuff. I drove to Kim’s house excited about the idea of Chance living there because I pet sit and house clean for them and I would still get to see him often. 

They liked Chance and walked him around on leash for a while. Then we let him go off leash with his training collar and he did great. While we were doing the meet and greet, Kim noticed water bubbling up from the ground near their house. Her husband turned off the water and started digging looking for the broken water pipe. He couldn’t find it. I knew it had to be there somewhere and I had been itching to get involved, so I started digging around by hand. It was soft sand and easy to dig in. After digging a little with no results, I started digging the other direction and found it. Yay! You could clearly see the crack in the pipe. Kim’s husband had extra pipe and in no time he had it replaced. With the water back on they worked with Chance some more and decided to keep him. I felt glad and sad at the same time. I loved Chance and would miss him but I knew he would have a great life with his new family. I felt proud that I had trained him well and found him a loving home. When it was time to leave, his eyes told me that he approved on his new home and he happily stayed with his new family. 

Back at home, Christopher had supper ready and I ate a big salad. Then Angel and I took a bath together and got ready for bed. We went in the banana hut and talked about Chance being gone. He was originally Angel’s new dog after her dog got ran over but she ended up not liking him because he was too rough. So she took over my collie LacyJane as her dog which is a good fit for both of them. Then I took Chance as mine and started training him to be a good dog. Now he is trained, has a new home and will continue to be well loved. Win, win! Christopher joined us in the banana hut. I read 2 chapters from Hank the Cowdog book 6 and finished it. Then we said our good nights. Angel slept next to me on the trundle bed and we fell asleep around 8 p.m. listening to The Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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