Dogs, Food and Kids.

December 28, 2023
I woke up at 4 a.m. I had slept through the night and I felt well rested. I wrote my blog for an hour or so until Angel woke up. She woke up full of energy. I listened to her tell stories while I cuddled with Little Bit and Chance. It was a beautiful moment in time and I felt content and blessed. Angel got hungry (probably from all the talking) and went to find breakfast. I stripped the bedding off of my bed and the trundle bed. I put clean bedding on my bed and noticed that a couple of my bedspreads looked tattered and were coming apart. I made a mental note to look for some when I go thrift store shopping tomorrow or I thought I might make myself a quilt as a winter project. After making my bed, I jumped 100 jumps on the rebounder and carried the dirty bedding to the laundry room. I went in the house and greeted Christopher. I made tea and got dressed. Chance and possibly Little Bit were going to the vet to get neutered this morning. I was undecided on Little Bit. I’d listened to arguments on both for and against getting him fixed but still, I was wavering back and forth. I made sure he didn’t eat breakfast in case I decided for getting his nuggets removed. 

Angel came with me to the vet. We were the first ones there. I decided to get Little Bit fixed and left both dogs there to be picked up later. Next, we stopped at a pet sitting opportunity I’m doing next week. He showed us around and told me how to feed all the animals. They had a little dachshund puppy that they were giving away. Angel wanted to keep her, she was really cute and fat. I almost took her but I am going to get Chance trained into being a good well behaved dog before taking on another puppy project. 

Next, I drove to pick up my grandson Finn to spend the day with us. After that, I picked up a couple more kids from a friend. With a car full of kids, I drove the back way home. When I arrived home, Christopher was still at work. The kids played outside while I switched the laundry. Then I got busy in the kitchen. I ground up wheat berries and started some homemade bread rising in the oven. I made guacamole and set a small amount aside. I put broccoli, celery and cherry tomatoes in the food processor and pulsed them until they were chopped up. Then I mixed them with the guacamole I set aside. I put the guacamole veggie mix in a glass bowl and put it in the dehydrator. I would put it on my salad at supper. Then I made kale chips and put them on trays in the dehydrator. I cleaned up the kitchen and started cleaning the banana hut. Christopher came home and talked with me in the banana hut while I cleaned. He went off to do his thing and I fed the kids lunch. I started the bread cooking and drank a smoothie while the kids ate. 

When the bread finished cooking, I took Angel and one of the older kids to the railroad tracks on the side-by-side. We had fun finding treasures along the side of the tracks (the kids weren’t allowed to be on the tracks). We found rocks with shells in them and railroad spikes. The kids had a lot of fun and we plan on doing it again. 

When we got back, it was time to leave to take my friend’s kids home and pick up the dogs from the vet. At my friends house, she had a couple of big bags full of stuff she was selling. Some of it was cotton quilt batting and quilt stuff. The other bag had a bedspread and some curtains. I told her I was just thinking this morning about looking for those very things at a thrift store. Manifestation! I offered to buy the quilt stuff and bedspread but she gave them to me happy to know they will be used. 

The dogs were happy to see me when I picked them up. They looked in great condition and were quite alert. Neither seemed to be in pain and the vet told me what to watch for. I was grateful it had all gone well. When I got home, I started a bath and soaked in it a long time writing my blog. I was determined to get caught up again and was able to write uninterrupted hiding out in the bath. Angel and Finn (Finn decided to stay the night) got in the bath after me and then we ate supper. I had a big salad and added my avocado veggie mix that was warm from the dehydrator on top. It was really yummy! We all shared what we were grateful for while we ate. After supper was over and the dishes were done, I folded laundry. I went in the banana hut and put my new bedspread on my bed and put all the freshly washed clean bedding away. Angel, Finn and Christopher came in the banana hut. I read 2 chapters out loud from Hank the Cowdog book 6. Finn went in the house to sleep with Christopher and Angel slept in the banana hut with me on the trundle bed. 

(Many of you might be wondering why Christopher and I sleep separately. It’s because I’m restless at night. I often wake up to read and write. Plus hot flashes have me throwing my covers around while I’m sleeping. It was interfering with Christopher’s sleep, since he is a light sleeper and I was worried about waking him up all the time. Lastly, I do not do alarm clocks and even though Christopher has his set on gentle music, waking up to an alarm causes my heart to race and it’s intense waking up like that. In my 20’s I taught myself to wake up whenever I was supposed to because alarms were not working for me and since then, I no longer needed at alarm. So there’s the why we sleep separately. I sleep much better alone.)

Food Journal:

-64oz. banana/fresh juice smoothie

-2 small slices of fresh made bread with butter

-6 small pieces of chocolate

-big salad with romaine lettuce, avocado, broccoli, celery, tomato, mushroom and tofu. With a tahini and fresh squeezed lemon juice dressing.

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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