I Reclaim My Health!

Christopher and I do not own a TV and would rather sit outside in nature than be inside staring at a screen. Then a couple of months ago I bought the DVD series for the first season on Wagon Train as a surprise gift for Christopher since we had fond memories of watching it as a child. Since then we watch one episode on the laptop in the evenings after putting Angel to bed. This has been a lot of fun and we have made it part of our evening ritual. 

Another thing I have been doing in my life the past 6 months is studying and practicing the use of conscious language. I have expanded my understanding of the power of the spoken word. I see clearly how my inner and outer speech create my reality. For example: feel the difference in saying “I don’t know how”, then say “I choose to know how”. Those statements have a completely different energy. The first statement calls forth unconsciousness while the second statement calls forth consciousness. Which do I choose? I choose consciousness of course! I choose to know. 

One evening while watching Wagon Train with Christopher, the show had a sick woman dying of consumption and a strong and healthy woman taking care of the sick woman. As I was watching I suddenly realized that I was relating to the sick woman. I was feeling what I imagined she was feeling. As a child my right leg was severely burned with hot water. I spent my childhood in hospitals getting surgeries. 


Then I had chronic infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, strep throat, bladder infections. I was constantly on antibiotics. This continued through my adulthood adding on more and more illnesses mental and physical until at the age of 34 I was so sick I could barely get out of bed. Then I changed my diet to raw vegan. I became healthy and life became amazing…until I would eat something “wrong” or touch toxic chemicals or breathe toxic perfumes or I would see violence or someone would be unkind to me, etc….then I would be mentally or physically sick for a few days. Sickness is very familiar to me! Clarity came to me on how subconsciously I still choose to be sick sometimes without consciously realizing it. Deep inside I was still choosing to identify with being a sick helpless child. I asked myself, how do I be the strong woman rather than the sick woman. Why am I choosing to be a sick child rather than a strong woman? How do I choose differently without faking it? 

The answer came to me instantly. I sat up and started decreeing “I reclaim my health” over and over. Christopher looked at me as if asking, “what is going on?”. I paused the show and told him what I had come to understand. We both celebrated my victory together. 

I choose health. 

I reclaim my strength. 

My body works perfectly. 

I am that which I desire to be. So what do I truly desire? I desire to be fully conscious and so I am. 😄

Thank y’all for reading my blog. I appreciate you. 



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  1. You Have grown and changed so much since I met you so long ago. Very proud of you and blessed to have been able to see you blossom and thrive! Love you sweetie God is so good, And wants us all to find our purpose and power in this beautiful world.

    Debra Sue Koppes

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am a completely different person than I used to be. I continue to expand and grow in consciousness and that is a beautiful blessing. I appreciate your love and support my amazing friend.

    1. Thank you Audrey, I have had many things I found helpful in healing mentally and physically. The thing that has been the most powerful is metaphysics and conscious language.
      I am glad to help you more if you desire.

    1. Oh yay! Thank you Debbie. I am waiting on the 3rd season to arrive in the mail. I bought it on eBay almost a month ago. It might have gotten lost in the mail.
      It’s so great hearing from you! Much love to you and your family.

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