Hello Bitch 😄

I debated whether to title this blog post with a loud harsh energy. I thought it could be a gentler title since it is about my sons wedding and it was a very beautiful and wonderful wedding! I am grateful to have been there.
I stayed with the title that came to me at the same time the inspiration to write this blog post manifested. Which was just a few minutes ago.
I am practicing conscious language and through this practice I have been transforming and experiencing an incredible feeling of peace and well being regardless of what is going on in the world outside of me. I am able to be present and not take things personally more and more frequently as I play with conscious language. I am able to be present with myself.
Yesterday I attended my sons wedding. I had been looking forward to it and was excited to be there to witness a ceremony of great love between my son and his beloved. I felt so full of love.
Upon arriving, I immediately saw my son being primped by his paternal Grandmother. I walked up to them holding Angel by the hand. I smiled at my son and said hello. His paternal grandmother turned to me. I smiled and said hello. She sneered a sort of smile at me and said, “hello bitch”. I was not expecting that! I knew she hadn’t like me since the moment she met me when I was dating her son. She really really didn’t like me when we got married. Her son and I have been divorced for 24 years. Who I was then is not who I am now. I let go of any hard feelings I felt back then toward my ex-husband, his wife and any of his family. When I come across any of them or hear about them, my energy is one of fondness and genuine wishing well being upon them. So I have only good feelings toward my ex-mother in law. I still do even after yesterday!
My reaction to her saying, “hello bitch”, was initially surprise. I looked at my son with raised eyebrows. Then I laughed. A real laugh…not a fake laugh. It made my day! I was overjoyed. Later that evening while talking to my husband about on the phone I received clarity of why I it made my day. What I knew in that moment was that I was good stuff. I kept saying to myself, “that’s good stuff”.
I enjoyed the wedding immensely. My heart was bursting with joy for my son and his wife. I stayed present and in no way avoided my ex-mother in law. My feelings toward her continued to be ones of well being and love.
The clarity I received that evening was. My ex-mother in law has been wanting to call me a bitch to my face for close to 30 years. Now she finally did it! I am happy for her, she did it! I bet that felt really really good 😄.

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate y’all!

With love,

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