Day 12 of Our Road Trip To Idaho

Dear Diary and Friends,

It’s been a while since I wrote my daily activities. I felt called to do that today.

8:30am I woke up. I’m on vacation in Idaho and I was at my sisters. I had set up in the office the hammocks that Angel and I sleep in. Angel woke up and we got up. Angel played with my son Shawn’s girlfriends daughter Alex who is 6 years old. Even though Angel is 3 years old they got along great. I talked to Shawn’s girlfriend Brianna for a while. I really enjoy her. After a while she woke Shawn up and they headed home.

I cleaned the kitchen and patio. It’s my way of giving back in thanks for my sisters hospitality. After cleaning, Angel and I went for a morning swim in the pool.

We ate watermelon left over from yesterday while we swam. Angel is impressive on how she challenges herself to swim farther and hold her breath longer. We swam for about an hour, then I woke my sister up so she could join us. We swam for another hour with my sister. It was a fantastic way to start the day

We got dressed and I made 3 64oz. jars full of banana, strawberry, cacao, almond milk, maple syrup smoothies to drink throughout today and tomorrow. Then my sister played with Angel while I packed up the car.

We said our goodbyes and headed off to my mom’s house which is an hour outside of Boise. It was a nice drive and I talked to my dear friend Corrine (hands free) for most of the drive. When we arrived at my mom’s, we ate lunch and I drank most of one of my smoothies. Angel ate corn chips and chickpeas. I took a long nap while my mom and Angel took the dog Max on a walk.

When I woke up I finished my smoothie from earlier and did some laundry. I read for a while and sat outside enjoying the evening breeze. Angel took a bath with Grandma and watched a movie. My mom made steamed corn on the cob and red potatoes for dinner. I enjoyed them plain. I realized I forgot to buy lettuce today and hadn’t eaten any greens. No big deal, I will eat a bunch tomorrow. Angel had plain oatmeal with raisins. After dinner I went out into my mom’s garage and found the bins of keepsakes I had left when I moved to Texas. I opened them up and started looking through them. A flood of feelings and memories overcame me. I closed them up and put them back.

Angel finished watching her movie with Grandma while I took a long hot shower. Then I wrote my blog post while Grandma read Angel stories. They are having so much fun together. It is a joy to watch.

I am grateful for naps.

I am grateful for morning swims.

I am grateful for family and friends.

I am grateful for an amazing vacation.

I am grateful for books.

I am grateful for watermelon.

I am grateful for trees.


We always have something to give. I made a list of some of the gifts I have to give. It might be fun for you to make a list of your gifts that you have to give as well:

– hospitality- teaching- mentoring- caring for children – gardening – singing- problem solving- -organizing- repairs- budgeting- humor-compassion- acceptance- laughter- friendship.

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

Joyfully yours,


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